How Fights Break The Relationship And How Can We Prevent It

how to handle relationship fight
How Fights Break The Relationship And How Can We Prevent It

Relationships are like a fragile thread. You can not mend them with knots properly once they are broken. Fights, quarrels, and misunderstandings along with love are a part of a relationship. It is like a roller coaster ride which is full of adventures and requires a proper balance. 

But when fights grow extensive in a relationship, love diminishes. Even a small fight sometimes can result in breaking up of a relationship. Here are three disastrous things which may give a big turn to your relationship and also, the ways by which you can prevent them.

When One Of The People In The Relationship Is Insecure

It happens when one of the partners in the relationship has a lot of insecurities. This may be because of past bad experiences or some inferiority complex. At times this insecurity shapes into a fight and suffocates the other person in the relationship. This makes them feel that their personal space has been snatched completely. 

In order to overcome this, you must assure that your partner does not feel insecure. But the question that arises is how? You need to find the reason for your partner’s insecurity. If your partner is insecure of you talking to other people, then you need to make them understand they value much in your life. Maybe you have to make a little more effort to make them feel special as compared to your other friends. 

In case, your partner feels inferior about their imperfections then you need to make them feel confident by praising them for things that they are good at.

When One Wants To Live In The Present And The Other Worries About The Future

This is the most common problem in most of the relationships. The “future commitment” problem. There could be many reasons why your partner is not able to commit anything about the future of your relationship. This doesn’t mean that they are not sure about you. This may lead to a lot of fights in your relationship leading to a lot of misunderstandings and judgments about your partner. 

You need to find the reason why your partner has been hesitant to commit. Possibly they are still looking for stability and need enough time to sort things out. You just can’t ruin the happiness of your relationship in the present just because you worry too much about the past. A lot of people you will meet will try to throw their perceptions on you about your partner. It might be possible that you may feel offended at times or sometimes you agree with them. 

The reason could be that somewhere or the other your mind also has the same thoughts which had not been shaped into words yet. Judging your partner based on other’s perceptions can drastically dilapidate your relationship.

When You Have A Lot Of Expectations

It is good to keep expectations with someone you are madly in love with. But keeping expectations to an extent where .your partner doesn’t even have a clue of what you have been expecting out of them is something that can create a problem. When we invest a lot of efforts in displaying our love then we expect the same out of them. 

Maybe they have all the feelings for you but doesn’t really know how to emote it or maybe they think the other way of emoting their love. Messaging “I love you” ten times a day doesn’t really mean that your partner really loves you. This may turn out to be a reason at times. In that case, you need to tell your partner what you expect out of them and what are your choices and desires related to your relationship with them.

At times you need to understand the root cause of the problems that are creating the fight in your relationship. In that situation, at least one of the two partner’s needs to be patient and calm. A heated up brain always works in the wrong way. It might be possible that you take today, you may regret it later. Couples break up their relationship even after years and later blame each other. 

Compatibility and mutual understanding are quite important to keep up the fragrance of relationships. Also, you need to keep in mind that the relationship is between the two people. A third tire may know a half story and thus give a judgment. It is ‘you’ who knows the best for you, your partner, and your relationship. So it’s better to sort things together rather than involving others and ruining the bond.