Men And Women Compassionately: Are Women More Caring Than Men?

Who Is More Caring - Men or Women?
Men And Women Compassionately - Are Women More Caring Than Men

There has always been a standard difference between men and women. Height, weight, stature, strength, physical features are some of the examples of differences between a man and a woman, but this is not it. According to various studies, a man and a woman are different from each other on the emotional and mental front as well. The physical and biological differences between a man and a woman are visible to the naked eye, but the other fronts are as vital as the visible ones. One base of differentiation is also their emotional abilities.

It has been said out loud that women are capable of expressing their feelings and thoughts more clearly than men. There have been conducted various studies separately and collectively on different men and women to record their various reactions and emotional retreat on various other situations and images. They have also concluded their studies that these emotional differences are a result of the difference between the brain function of men and women.

Important Reasons Behind The Women Being More Compassionate Than Men


According to a study carried out by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the regions of the brain that gets activated while functioning is different than that of women. However, this study cannot quantify gender-based different emotional experiences.

Societal Impact

The authenticity of this study is widely questioned as few learned people like to discuss the gender-based different emotional experiences as a set of different socialization method or process. They argue that this difference has nothing to do with the brain’s function. They have reported in their respective studies that the human body has a similar brain, and thus, the difference is caused by the different treatments of both men and women. Different treatments by the society had an impact on both men and women.

If we take a look at human history, 80% women reproduce while 40% men reproduce.

An interesting stat in this regard is that older men can have kids if they do it with a younger woman. But on the other hand, older women get pregnant more easily with younger men.

Sperm donors have a serious number of kids, around 800. 

As more and more women choose to become single parents, fewer men will get to have kids. It is natural to feel bad for them. Men who are serious about dating too are trying to improve on their single life and not bothered about betterment of women. 

Orthodox Mindset and Values Differentiation

The brain molds as you want it to. It has been taught that men and women are treated differently. It has been fed up with the fact that women are supposed to be graceful, calm, and quiet while the men have to act ‘manly’ during the course of their lives. Women should be frightened by terror, while men should be bold to oppose and counter-attack the terror. This differentiation and orthodox mindset determine the half most reason behind gender-based differences of emotions.

Hormonal Differentiation between Men and Women

Other than researchers and learned men, there have been doctors who claim that is the release of certain hormones in women that are responsible for them being more compassionate, loving and able to express themselves emotionally. They claim that women have higher levels of what is known as the ‘love hormone’ called oxytocin. This hormone is directly linked with emotional bonding and is produced in both men and women at the time of intercourse.

However, this hormone is far more important during the birth of a child and is secreted at a high rate in women at the time of labour and lactation. It is responsible for their nurturing behaviour and triggers great bonding capacity. Women’s nurturing and bonding capacity leads them to have a better option at socializing. Hence, they become more open about their emotions, feelings and compassion.

It is also believed that due to the presence of this hormone and its effects, women are more vocal about their emotional self.

Men And Women React To Stress Differently

Shelley Taylor, in his recent works, established that men and women both react to stress differently. He found that men have the do or die reaction whether women befriend and socialize to deal with stress. This quality must be derived from their nurturing, upbringing and raising responsibilities.


Generalization of two different genders has never been accurate. People change and evolve through time and so their outlook and reaction changes from time to time. There is even this possibility that both the gender feels the same yet reacts in their own style they think is right.