Signs That He Is Not The Husband Material

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Love is a beautiful feeling. When you fall in love, you always want it to last forever. You demand commitment and seriousness in that relationship which comes up with marriage. But what if the guy you are fantasizing about your married life is not a “marrying type”. Certain traits that your boyfriend has can easily tell you that he’s not the one you should get married to.

You Don’t Seem To Be Anywhere In His Future

It might be possible that you have planned all your after dating relationship with your boyfriend. But is it the same with him? Whenever you talk to him about his future or what he wants to do, you always feel that there is something missing in whatever he talks and that is “you”.

He never talks about you or frame you in that picture. He has visioned his life where you are not in that picture which clearly shows that he is not planning to get married to you.

He Doesn’t Take Much Interest In Your Future

He might be putting on a lot of effort in relation to living in the present to the fullest. But you can figure out that he doesn’t worry much about your future or talk about it. He may not support you in your fantasies of a family picture that you have imagined with him.

He Figures Out All Your Imperfections As A Reason

Acceptance is quite important when commitment is the topic. If he is always pointing out your little imperfections making you feel inferior then this is sure that he doesn’t have any thought of marrying you.

He Never Introduces You To His Friends or Relatives

It might be possible that he tells you that he is serious about you. The relationship you have lived in is quite long, but the commitment is yet not defined. All through these years he never introduced you to his friends or any of his family members. It might be difficult for him to tell his parents about you, but he can definitely tell his siblings or cousins about you.

He Always Ignores The Commitment

When he is always having a hard time committing anything about the future then this is quite an indication that he will be having a hard time giving you a commitment too. He certainly stays confused about what career to opt for or which place he wants to live in his near future. A person who remains uncertain about himself cannot assure a certainty to you.

He Had Too Many Serious Relationships

If your current boyfriend has too many ex-serious-relationships than you can never be sure that his relationship with you is actually “serious” too. For such guys, a serious relationship is all about the extra efforts that he is going to put on presently in the relationship without thinking much about the future.

When He Always Talks About Money and Standards

A guy who is always after the money can never accept his spouse coming from a middle-class family. In this love and money game, he will always choose money ending up hurting you later.

You Know Nothing About His Family

Even if you think you have the “perfect” boyfriend and still know nothing about him, then you actually need to worry about it. If your boyfriend doesn’t share much about his family affairs or talk about his family with you then this is a hint that he doesn’t want to include you in it.

He Doesn’t Tell You He Wants It Forever

He might be a sweet box and have all the charm that anyone wants in their man. But even if his “I love you” sound real, you can never expect that he will ever marry you. He may be infatuated by your physical traits but that doesn’t mean that he thinks of you as his future wife.

Commitments are quite important in any relationship. If you are serious about your relationship then you need to make sure that the other person has the same perception.