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9 Things That Prove That You Have High Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence
9 Things That Prove That You Have High Emotional Intelligence

In 1995, Daniel Goleman, a psychologist and science journalist, has introduced the world with the term Emotional intelligence. The idea of emotional intelligence is an ability to understand and manage the emotions that help our chances of success. From that day, it has changed the way of human behavior and emotions.


But how can you manifest this in your daily life? Well, you may not know that you don’t know that emotional intelligence is already present in your characteristics. Here are a few signs that show that your emotional intelligence is pretty high.


You Think About Feelings

The basic of emotional intelligence comes from self and social awareness. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize emotions in both yourself and in others. This awareness built with reflections. You ask questions to yourself like:

  • What are your emotional strengths? What are your weaknesses?
  • How does your current mood affecting your thoughts and decision making?
  • What is going under the surface that influences the saying or doing of others?
  • Questions like the above can give you some insights that you can use in your advantage.

You Have A Robust Emotional Vocabulary

All of us have emotions, but there are not many numbers of people who can identify them accurately. Studies have shown that only 36 percent of people has this amazing ability, and that is problematic as unlabeled emotions are often misunderstood. People with higher EQ vocabs can describe their mood with words like “refreshed”, “joyful”, “great” rather than normal people who might just describe it as a “good” mood.

Curious About People

No matter if you are introvert or extrovert, you are very curious about people. Every man or woman who has a high emotional intelligence are curious about people. This curiosity leads to empathy, which is a gateway to a higher emotional intelligence level. The more you care about people and what they are going through, the more curiosity you will be going to have.

An Enthusiastic Leader

Emotionally intelligent people are always an enthusiastic leader. They are always willing to walk from the front. They are great leaders who love to work with the team rather than delivering commands.

An Embracer Of Change

Emotionally intelligent people have always been very flexible and adaptive. They keep adapting constantly as they know the fear of change is very paralyzing for them and a major threat to their success and happiness. They look for a change in the corner and form a plan of action for the change.

Is Fascinated By What Makes People Tics

Emotionally intelligent people are very fascinated with different traits of people. Such as their body language, dialect, behavior and other personal tics. It helps them to find different clues about what makes these individuals special.

A Peace MoU Signed With The Past

Emotionally intelligent people are at peace with the past. They do not want to regret, and they don’t have that much time for it. They just drop their baggage, and they move to present because they know that is where the progress towards success is going to happen.

Who Cares About The Future?

Emotionally intelligent people do, but they do not get freaked out with the thoughts of the future. They are not obsessed with the future events that are out of their control. They are more excited about the life out of the crystal ball because, for them, life is the adventure of a lifetime.

Showing Authenticity

Authenticity does not mean sharing everything about yourself, all the time to everyone. It means saying something you mean and meaning what you say. You will always be stick to your values and principles above everything else. You know sharing thoughts with everyone is not worthy enough, and thus, you share them with people who are worthy enough.

So, these were the top 9 signs that prove that you have a high emotional intelligence above all.