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Make a good impression with first email


Easy steps to make a good impression with your first email – Are you frustrated about not having a reply when you send an email? Well, this happens to many others and it is because you are not doing it in the right way. Basically, an email should be eye catchy and not just with any words. Once the receiver reads the email they should know that you’re interested in them. Here are the steps to lookout while emailing someone for the first time.


Examine their profile:

Don’t just send an email by looking at their photos. There are many fake individuals using different photographs. The real people are having their profiles complete with all the necessary information. Just read it throughout several times and try to understand what kind of person they are. Only by reading you will get a hint that what they are looking for and how to make an impression towards them.

Choosing the subject line:

This is the very first thing that many of us are confused about. Here is the easiest way to resolve it. When you examine their profile you will know what movies they like or what music they hear. Use it as your first tool and write some movie dialogue or few lines of the song. This method always works because the other person will get an impression that you also like what he/she likes too.

Check the word counts:

The first email should not be shorter or lengthy. The reader will not be interested to read longer emails. Only just by looking at the words they will just delete it or ignore it. The shorter emails are not eye catching and it gives an impression that you don’t have much to say. Keep the words count to 100-150. Also, don’t present your email like you are applying for a job or want an admission in some school.

Add questions to it:

If there is nothing that cannot be answered then you won’t be getting a reply soon. It’s not difficult to ask any question and the other person will surely reply to it. Also, don’t make a question to look simple and wear your creativity hat to come out of something. Instead of asking “What is your favorite food?”, ask them “What is the first thing you will eat when you are hungry?”. While the first question is straightforward, the second question adds up a gist to it.

Don’t only talk about yourself:

The receiver of the email would not like much if you keep telling them about yourself. Keep it simple and adore them, say what things about them are interesting. Even if they like playing video games or eat jelly beans. Just make sure that they reading about themselves from your point of view and keep it positive.

Prepare right time to send it:

If you are mentioning that you are always busy and sending the email in the middle of the night or Saturday dawn. Then you are already spilling the beans and making the other person have negative thoughts about you. Send the email when you think it is the right time and you can stand up for that.

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