When Past Romantic Trauma Damages Your Current Relationship

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It is an inevitable fact that the past has a very significant role to play to shape our present as well as our future. If the past is shaping your future in a proper way, then nothing can be better than that but if it is showering negative impacts, then it is our duty to come out of it. Same goes for our relationships as well.

There are several times when our past romantic relation takes a toll in our present relations and ultimately brings them to an end. Thus, to help you, here we are going to provide you with some signs, which will signify that you are finding it hard to come out from the old relation.

Understand the Cause of Romantic Trauma and Come Out of This

These signs will help you to study the aspects more precisely so that you can come out from this situation effortlessly. Here are the signs, which we are talking about:

You Get Attracted To the Same Kind of People

It is a very common symptom that you are confined within your past relationship. For example, if you grew up with alcoholic parents, then you will tend to attract the alcoholic friends. Empathy has a very significant role to play here.

Maybe you will try to enter that person’s life with a perception that you will change him or her and that in turn will strengthen the bond of your relationship. But, you have to keep in mind that this is not the case as it is very hard to change a person from the core of their heart.

You are Feeling Unconfident or Insignificant

After your breakup, if you are feeling worthless as well as unconfident, then you can consider it as a sign that you are suffering from a past romantic relationship trauma.

You will find that there are countless people feeling as same as you where they think that they don’t have any value and they are not efficient enough to go in a relationship with someone of higher quality.

Often, the reason behind these feelings is the side effects of the harsh behavior of your ex-lover who has left no stones unturned to corrode your self-esteem as well as your confidence.

In an Intense Feeling of Isolation, Along with Loneliness

It is a very common fact that whenever you come out of a toxic or abusive relationship an intense feeling of loneliness and isolation will surround you. The main reason behind this is the fear of going into any other relationship.

During these times, the loneliness will become overwhelming to you, and you will also get a sense of wasted time, months, days as well as years. If you can relate to all these things, then be sure that you are suffering from trauma of past relationship and it is the time to come out of it.

Finding it Hard to Let it Go

Another common feeling which you will experience after coming out from an abusive relationship is this. We are aware of the fact that your relationship was toxic but and it was becoming hard for you to deal with it. But those are the only reasons behind, why you are finding it hard to move on from your past relationship, as the psychology says.

So, in these periods of time, it will be best for you if you can fill up your brain with some other healthy thoughts. Try to focus on restructuring your life. In this case, you can take help from your friends, families, relatives or someone who is really close to your heart.

If You Are Apologizing Too Much

Another sign, which symbolizes that you are going through a trauma of your past relationship, is that you apologize too much. The most significant reason behind his is your insecurity. Just because you lost your past relationship you are feeling insecure that you will lose this relationship as well.

Most of the times, people came up with specific ‘coping patterns’ to lower down the intensity of chaos due to the toxic relationships and they try to use these patterns in other relationships as well. So, don’t apologize much and do not let your self-esteem to fade.

So, these are some of the signs that reflects that you are suffering from past relationship trauma.