Supporting A Depressed Lover- The Persistence And Healing

Supporting A Depressed Lover- The Persistence And Healing

Relationships are beautiful. The mesmerizing world of two individuals thriving in the sparkling, soothing and gleaming rays of their happiness and pleasure with momentary fights and falling back to each other again. The picturesque little cocoon that they have created is adorned by moments- sweet and surreal. We see this usual picture. The common one.

What Happens When Your Partner is Facing Lash

Hey, what happens when one of them is facing a lash? A struggle to survive, a meandering will to live hindered by boulders of paranoia? The anxiety that kicks in from time to time, the undulating bed of nails that rips the skin off the muscles in the name of depression is something which cannot be explained to others. It pains and it pains a lot; they want to cry and shatter the sky until their tear glands refuse to cooperate and the voice chokes for what it seems like an eternity.

Do This To Heal Your Love And Make Her Feel Better

Imaging playing a boyfriend or a girlfriend to this person. For people who are facing these situations daily, seeing their own lover slithering in this agony, here are some little somethings that might just make her feel better and help in healing:

Not Trying to Console

Seeing the other half writhe in pain is when you shall feel defeated. You cannot really help but stare until they calm down. Because you cannot console a person, who only lets herself or himself inside his or her own zone and this is never the time to do so either. It is totally in their own hands to pull themselves out of this situation.

You Need To Give Moral Support

You just have to give them a moral support and never make them feel unloved in spite of their queer behavior. This works wonders for them. even while drowning in the well of reality, they will at least know they have somebody to fall back to when no one else will even lend a shoulder of support.

Adapting to Her Lifestyle

It will be quite a challenge to do so and not many people are capable of it either. Adapting to the lifestyle of a depressed person can teach you a lot as well. The sudden outbursts and mood swings, the various tones of losing their own selves, the cancellation of plans at the right moments will be when your patience will be put to test.

Don’t Let Your Partner Feel Vulnerable

Losing control over it and shouting at them will make them feel vulnerable and can have an adverse effect on them. Knowing their condition and the situation they are going through not only makes them embrace their flaws and come out of that shady place, but will also make them feel good about themselves.

Comforting and Encouraging Them for the Little Deeds

There will be times when they will try to make you happy by trying out little things, maybe too trivial to even notice. Encourage them and comfort them with all the good vibes and words. Make them realize that their little efforts are big enough for you and your love for her.

Make Them Feeling Good

Making them feel good about themselves can have a positive effect on their lives and the sustaining depression. Not making her feel bad if she is unable to prove herself for a day and encouraging her instead for a better tomorrow is something that will make them feel a bit good and less useless.

Be With Your Lover No Matter What

Let the world take an upside-down twirl, let the friends turn into foes, let the waters eat up the remaining lands, just make sure she knows that you will be there for them no matter what. Make her understand that the silly little things that they say or do are something that you live for and will not give up for anything in this world and you love her so much.

Turn Into the Best Companion In All Aspects

Turn into the best companion they can ever have, foray into their world like an angel, willing to wipe away all the tears that tear them down and all the pains that gulp them down its sore throat.

People with a mouth speak a lot but the ones with a heart can bare the pains their loved ones are going through without being able to do a single thing about it. They soothe their pains, even if to some extent. A presence matters a lot. A presence makes us feel safe, secured and loved.

A presence speaks more than words, making each moment count-be it simply good or the worst.