How to End a Love Triangle and Get Out of an Emotional Mess!

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“I love him, but he loves her and she loves someone else” Confusing! Isn’t it. This sounds very Bollywood but is very common. The story of a love triangle sounds like a very incomplete love story with a lot of emotions involved in it.

The desperation of them loving you back is something that you can’t hold back, but you can’t help it. Now what to do if you find yourself as one of the coordinates of these three coordinates of the love triangle.

Prioritize Your Choices

There is nothing wrong in loving someone who doesn’t love you back. You should not feel guilty about it. You need to prioritize what’s important to you, the guilt or love. You need to confess your feelings to stop yourself thinking about the person day and night without uttering a word about it.

The possibility could turn positive for you and even if it doesn’t there is nothing that you lost. Losing love without confessing it is the biggest loss. He might not know that you like him and have never given a thought about it. So just give it a try!

No Need to Zip Up Your Mouth

It’s important to share your feelings and speak your heart through to the person that you rely on. Burying feelings deep inside the heart is a mere depression. It is obvious that when you talk about it, you actually let it go. Possibly the person may give you an idea or help you come out of it.

Talking to someone about what’s going on in your head is the biggest therapy for stress. You may talk to your mother or your best friend about it as they know a lot about you and will help you for sure.

Where Do You Stand in The Triangle?

It is important to understand where you stand in the life of the person whom you love. If the person just treats you as a friend and the feelings are trying to confuse you, you need to give it a break. You need some alone time to understand that it is important to be sure about what you feel.

You just can’t misunderstand love with mere infatuation. It is better to come out of it as early as possible rather than falling into the trap. It might be possible that the person doesn’t want you to go away as he is happy about the fact that he is being loved.

But also he doesn’t want to commit this to you as he pretends to love someone else. This is nothing but a false fish trap that will hurt you badly.

Acceptance Is The Key

A NO means a NO! There is a problem with a lot of people who are not habituated of hearing the word “no”. Ego, frustration, desperation surround them in such a situation. It is important to understand that you can’t force a person to love you back.

Acceptance is the biggest key to get out of any love triangle. A no doesn’t really mean that you are not good enough but the person doesn’t feel the same way as you do.

You might get someone who loves you even more than that you love them and make every possible effort to keep you happy.

Healthy Distraction

An empty brain is always surrounded by thousands of thoughts. It is important to understand that you can’t dedicate the whole of your life to someone who doesn’t love you back. There are a lot of productive things you can do to distract yourself.

A lot of people find sports as the biggest remedy to distract the mind. This will not only stop your mind floating that way but also nourish and polish you in the best possible way.

Love is all about happiness and if it is not serving the purpose, it can’t be love.