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do’s and don’t in a marriage proposal


The do’s and don’ts of planning a marriage proposal : If you are a person who’s just decided to pop the question of marriage to your special someone then you must be excited and on top of the world to plan a never forgetting marriage proposal. After all getting engaged is one of the most precious moments that a couple cherishes for the rest of the life. Our list of essential “do’s and don’ts” will be helpful for you to plan a memorable and perfect marriage proposal.


Marriage Proposal Do’s

Do make sure both of you want to tie the knot:

Before planning the proposal, it is the most important thing to make sure your partner is also ready to spend rest of the life with you. If you are in serious relationship you must have casually discussed getting married. If not, try to unveil the decision of your companion before you plan further.


Do make a plan:

You must make a heart throbbing plan that he/she would like. Never ever propose in a rush. Give yourself some decent amount of time, do some research online to get best ideas to make the moment perfect but don’t try to copy entire ideas as they may be very complicated. Only take some hint and make it a personalized affair.

Do make it a private moment:

Since it is a moment of just two of you, so it’s important avoiding the public spots and picking out a romantic private location. It might look awkward to propose to your partner at the supermarket or beach side in front of a huge audience. Keep the magical moment reserved for only two of you.
Shout it loud after the deed is done: Okay! Once you have sealed the deal and are enjoying your engaged life, now it’s time to share the good news with your near and dear ones. Firstly share the news with your families and afterwards spill the beans in front of your friends.

Marriage Proposal Don’ts

Don’t propose without a ring:

A lot of people swear by having a ring when it comes to marriage proposal because proposing empty handed might not make your partner happy. Deciding alone on the ring design and size can be a bit hard thing and that’s why there are a lot of jewelers that offer exchange policy which later makes you able to pick up the best one together.

Don’t discuss your plan with others:

As we have already suggested making marriage proposal a private deal and a surprise to your partner, so it is important that you keep your plan secret from family and friends. There is no surety that they won’t spill the beans and your surprise might get ruined in just a blink of the eye.

Don’t go gaga over taking too many selfies:

Photographs are a great way to keep your precious memories for rest of the life so it is important taking selfies of this special moment too but don’t waste your special day by taking so many selfies. Spare yourselves taking selfies and give plenty of time to one another to enjoy each & every moment of your day. Do some romance, talk about each other and forget everything else!

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