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Interesting Ways to Turn Your Best Friend into Girlfriend!

Turn your best friend to girlfriend

All your plans to date a girl backfire because she only takes you for a good friend. You would be compelled to realize that she had friend-zoned you for good. Now it’s the time to review your plans to take her to the next dating level after shunning the friend-zone. You will soon realize your wrong moves and wrong strategies. This is your time to exit friend-zone and move on with your dating plans.


This is How You Can Impress a Friend To Be Your Girlfriend

Be Self-Assured

Your self-confidence is the key that takes you to the next orbit of dating, after freeing you from the friend-zone. You need to be self-assured and recognize that moment and have courage to walk away, when you see your relationship is not being developed naturally. Your self-assured demeanor can help you to act forthrightly and shun the friend-zone for good.

Get Away From Stereo Typical Image

Your goody-goody boy image is working against you. Gone is the time of ‘all good persons’ as right dating and marriage materials. This is stereo-typical thing for these people to ruin their chances of being ‘couple’, while living in the fear of losing their ‘best friends’ image. As they say, you cannot eat the cake and have it too. Shrug off this image and stop being prisoner of the friend-zone forever.

 Never Hesitate to Walk-Away

More often, you lose your goal by always being around a single girl in your friend-zone. Having your full focus on a single girl can be a case of ‘trying too much too early.’ Just continue with your normal routine of walks, gyms, meeting other friends, and other pastimes. When things are not getting hot enough to your liking, just walk away. Being emotional fool will get you nowhere.

Mysterious Demeanor

One of the best bets to move out of the friend-zone is to adopt an aura of mystery around you; this will help you to get on with your dating plans. As they say ‘curiosity kills the cat’, but in your case you would have your much- sought dating partner. The thumb rule of raising other person’s interest is to reveal less and hide more about you. She will try hard to find more about you while giving you the chance to nail it.

Be Enterprising

The way to exit the friend zone is through your personal touch and personal endeavors. Mostly, your courage pays off, as your partner may also be thinking in those lines but would have already friend-zoned you already. Your initiative might ignite that hidden spark to a fire. Develop an attitude, be bold, and have a direct eye to eye communication. It’s the time to gather your courage and go ask her about being your date and later, walk the aisle with you.

Some useful tips

Choose right time to reveal your intentions to her, but don’t inundate her with your proposals. Plan prudently, when you are alone together without any one to distract you both. Be rational, never be out of sight and be hard to get. At the same time stay connected under one pretext or other.

Parting Shot

A trivial reason to end up sticking forever in the friend-zone is mostly out of desperation for a relationship. Mind it this could be your undoing.  The successful people with love may be needy and greedy in the past but they well-controlled their passions. In fact, you need to be like an actor, who underplays emotions to win the applause and hearts of audience.