Reasons You Need To Know For Having a Best Friend

In the time of social media, the word ‘friend’ has lost some of its glory. Nevertheless, ‘real’ friends are like stars, but best friend always glows in your horizon.

In the time of social media, the word ‘friend’ has lost some of its glory. Nevertheless, ‘real’ friends are like stars, but best friend always glows in your horizon. But why a best friend’s presence in your life is significant? 

Here are 10 reasons to have a best friend in life

1. Level of Comfort

A best friend knows about your nature, likings, and habits. There are friends with whom you are uncomfortable and fear to disclose your inner thoughts. However, you have one special friend, you feel comfortable talking, hanging out, and sharing all of yours feelings. Your best friend doesn’t need many words to know all about you.

2. Uprightness

Your best friend is an upright person who offers real opinion and judgment about you. You cannot expect false comments from your real friends on what you are wearing and whether it suits you or not. They support your love story and its journey up to the culminating destination. In your life, you don’t need people who agree on everything but appreciate nothing!

3. Make you Smile

When your chips are down, you need a friend to get you out of that situation. Your best friend always tries to bring the smile on your face and offer you mental strength to come out of a bad situation. Best friend knows how crazy you are, but still support you, entertain you, and stand with you in challenging situations of life.

4. Helps to Excel

Everyone including you and your best friend has ambitions and goals in life. However, none other than your best friend goes out of the way to help you get past the hurdles and succeed. A good friend is an indispensable entity, but the best friend is an asset. To achieve hopes and dreams for you, your best friend will do everything possible.

5. Stay Connected

A best friend accompanies you and gives support, no matter in whatever situation and time zone you are. That special friend stays connected always and never lets the negativity overpower you physically or emotionally. With your best friend you cannot stay in isolation but remain connected to survive external and internal emotional onslaught. 

6. Well-Kept Secrets

Your best friend only can keep your secrets that you need to confide in someone. For that purpose, you can’t choose just about anybody, as you are never too sure about your personal thing going in the public domain. Your best friend would sit along you for long hours, hearing and discussing, only to give you a fair advice. This friend will keep mum and never reveal your secrets.

7. Troubleshooters

The life is a roller coaster ride and your best friend is your ledge support to hold tight for safety. Your struggle gets a new meaning when you have a solid backing. If your best buddy has a balanced head on shoulders, your journey of life could become a cake walk.  

8. Self-Development

Your self-development is the key to success in life, but this journey alone is an uphill task. You need a selfless friend to share experiences of life and pave way for your achievements. You cannot rely on just about anyone for helping you develop yourself but your best friend.

9. Enhancement  in Self-Esteem

Your best friend can help you pump-up your self-esteem by personal example of self-worth. That special friend is one person who leads by example of behavior, making you feel valuable by sticking along you.

10. They offer space

Your best friend, when asked, will give you freedom, in case you choose to go alone somewhere by yourself. Your best friend will always respect your silence or your decision to wander alone.  

You are blessed to have Best Friend in life.