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9 Toxic Guys Bogging You Down With Their Toxicity

Toxic People should be avoided

People who are toxic defy logic. They do not recognize the impact their toxicity renders over the environment. Making chaos gives them joy. Toxic people are not worth spending time and energy over. All they do is create stress in life and add to the complexity. 


Toxicity Does The Mind No Good

Toxic people bring your mind to a stage which must be avoided at every cost. Otherwise the impact over your mind would be negative and long-lasting. This will affect the memory and reasoning. 

Work Performance Takes a Toll As Well

As toxic people disturb emotions, it has a bearing over work performance as well. Top performers are always good at managing their emotions through stressful times. They first identify toxic people and then keep them away. 

Recognise The Toxic People & Avoid Dating or Friendship With Them

Some people are annoying but not toxic, so don’t distance yourself from them. But don’t get annoyed either. Recognize the toxic people in your life and then distance yourself from them. It is always wise to avoid such people before entering into Dating or close relationship.

Let us take a look at the top 9 toxic people in your life:

  1. The Gossiper

It is from other’s misfortunes that gossipers derive pleasure. This may be okay to start with, but gets more tiring over time. There are a lot of positives in life, and a number of other interesting people to interact with. That is where one’s focus must lie.

  1. Temperamental People

Some people find it difficult to control their emotions. They transmit their feelings over other people. They keep defining you as the wrongdoer. As these people are emotional, discarding them from your life is going to feel bad. But it still needs to be done, as they will cause you to burst with emotions.

  1. Always Self-Absorbed

When people are self absorbed, they maintain a distance from other people. They keep you at that distance as well. This makes you feel lonely. On the contrary, the self-absorbed individual builds his self esteem. Being in vicinity of such people does no one any good.

  1. Envious Individual

People who are envious figure out that the grass is greener on the other side. So when good things happen to envious people, they are still not happy. They keep measuring their achievements with others as parameters. They should instead find joy in their own achievements. Spending time with envious people demeans your own accomplishments.

  1. Manipulating People

Manipulators pretend to be friends. But what they actually do is take away one’s time and energy. Their friendliness and knowledge about your preferences is all a part of a hidden agenda. They are trying to derive something from you. They keep taking but never give. They first win you over and then work you over.

  1. The Dementor

Dementors are evil. They suck the soul out of the body. The body stays as a shell. They transform everyone’s life with negativity, and bring pessimism in life. They always see glasses as half empty. In simple situations, they induce fear. Dementors hence induce depression in everyone.

  1. Twisted 

A few of the toxic people harbor bad intentions. Misery of others gives them joy. If they are interested, they will make you feel bad. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be interested. However, intentions of a twisted person can be spotted fast. So they are easier to get out of life.

  1. Judgmental

Judgmental people have prominent likes and dislikes, but no regards for your preferences. They never appreciate and keep looking down upon others. With them, you would no longer be expressive, so it is best to keep a distance.

  1. Arrogant

Arrogant people see everything you are doing as a personal challenge. Arrogance gives them false confidence. They are disagreeable, low-performers and inflicted by cognitive issues.