15 Little Things To Do That Improve your Relationship

If your partner is taking too much of space in your life, there is no point in backing down. Instead, one must be tough. In case things are not going right, take a stand.

1. When Your Partner Speaks, Listen Carefully

This helps keep the responses nice and intelligible, which is desirable for the relationship to progress and be joyful for both partners. So as soon as your partner starts telling you something; put down whatever you are doing and listen attentively.

2. Do Not Always Be Sorry

If your partner is taking too much of space in your life, there is no point in backing down. Instead, one must be tough. In case things are not going right, take a stand.

3. Workout Together

This lets you both find fitness at the same time, and lets you have an exercise partner as well. You alternately find more time to bond amongst yourself. It is a positive motivational activity as well.

4. Do Not Fight In Public

Respect each other, especially in public. Do not argue over petty matters in front of your family. It does not pose the right kind of an impression. Everybody who is around starts feeling awkward.

5. Express Gratitude

Make it a point to say thank you many times in a day. It makes a relationship solid. Express joy at receiving gifts. It makes your partner feel worthy. Acknowledgement towards efforts goes a long way in helping a relationship thrive.

6. Little Gifts

It is a fine idea to frequently give gifts to your partner. Buying expensive stuff is not important. It is okay if the gifts are consumables. It will bring a smile on your partner’s face, which is priceless.

7. Leave Love Letters At Unexpected Places

You could leave your letters at any place in the apartment. This strengthens the relationship. Similarly, when you put your feelings over paper, your expression gains a deeper meaning. It will relax both partners at a mental level.

8. Do Not Be Resentful

Forgive and forget, do not keep it in mind. Being resentful is unhealthy at an emotional and psychological level. No good ever came out of being resentful. Instead, let go of the resentment and make a fresh start.

9. Speak In A Tender Tone Of Voice

While making sure that the legibility of the speech is high, avoid being loud. This may not make you come by as assertive. But you will instead come by as gentle, which is always good.

10. Ask Your Partner How The Day Went

This introduces an element of freshness into the relationship, and implies that you like being in the present. This also goes to show that you care about your partner.

11. Do Not Expect Anything

When one stop expecting things, one is better off. So keep the expectations at null or negligible levels. It will keep the disappointments low as well.

12. Be Selfless

True love is selfless. Even if you do not intend to bring about a substantial change in your partner’s life, try and make life better for them. In case your partner is planning to work late into the night, pack some snacks for him or her.

13. Be Vulnerable

Women tend to get a positive response when they act vulnerable. Men often like to open tuna cans and cold drink bottles. They may want to chop wood for the fireplace as well.

14. Express Your Happiness

Smile often. A smile is a curve that sets things straight. If you are happy, the happiness transmits to your partner as well, because happiness is contagious.

15. Discuss About Your Future

Every now and then, take time out to discuss about your future together. It renders stability to a relationship and expresses each partner’s commitment towards one another. You could plan out stuff together.