Hooked to Facebook: Reasons to Quit the Addiction


Are you one of those who is always scrolling your phone up and down? Whenever you get a moment for yourself, you are constantly hooked to Facebook and other social networking sites. If you are one of those people who constantly take out time between social meetings, friends, work to scroll your social media. Then, we must warn you of the consequences that you will face in the long term. According to a number of researchers, an excessive use can lead to brain issues.


According to the researchers, a higher rate of imbalance between the two cognitive-behavioral systems in the human brain can lead to the problematic use of social networking sites. The researchers from the DePaul University have conducted the study. According to them, the US-based dual system perspective that is based on the cognitive psychology and neuroscience. It states that the human holds two mechanisms in their brain that influence their power of decision making.

Among these two systems, the system-1 is more reactive and automatic. Also, it can be easily triggered by any reaction that happens in the social media. Your stimulus can be easily affected by any notifications that happen in the social media with a reaction to the social media. On the other hand, the system-2 is more reasoning based and reflective. It moves slowly and has the ability to moderate your behaviors. According to a researcher at the DePaul University, the second system is competent enough to manage impulse reactions.

For a complete detailed research, a study had been performed on 341 students from the North American University. These students were the ones who regularly used Facebook. The students who showed a higher degree of problematic use of Facebook displayed a stronger system one than the system 2. In simpler terms, they had a stronger cognitive-emotional hold in comparison to a cognitive-behavioral control. These students were believed to be highly imbalanced. This study has also been published in the Journal of Management Information Systems.

A greater imbalance between the two systems will encourage the people to encourage in a more problematic use of social media. If you think these are just a few reasons that you discourage you, here are some more reasons that you should give a thought to:

  • Negative effect on the students’ academic performance
  • Low self-esteem
  • Comparison with the lifestyle of other people
  • Encourages a feeling of envy from others lifestyle
  • Low social involvement by reducing your heartfelt conversations with your loved ones
  • Devoting most of your time to social media and neglecting other important activities
  • Considering it’s the only choice for enjoyment
  • Increases restlessness

All these reasons make the excessive use of social media, a harmful deal for all of us. Though, we cannot deny the benefits it has brought us. On the other hand, we also need to keep a check on the fact that we do not become addicted to it.

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