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How to ask for a date on social sites


How to ask for a date
Numerous people are surfing online on social networking sites. While checking the profiles of different people, there are some profiles which increase the interest. The possibility is very less that the other person would be checking your profile too. Whether male or female, the need is to make the first move. There are various ways in which a person can easily ask for a date. Some of these tactics are slowly moving in the process but an effective one. There are people who are shy on this but who makes the first move get early results.


Send the first message:

If you are waiting that other person will send the message then you are just expecting more than enough. More chances are there that other people have not seen your profile. If it is a female profile then there are more chances that many of the males have tried to approach them. For male’s profile, there are lesser chances that females might have approached them. It is significant that there are lesser females than males in online sites. Just send a decent message with greetings. Chat for a while and ask for the date, if you are not asking then others will surely be asking at some point.


Send emotes and likes:

Emotes are present on every dating and social networking site. Making a full use of this function has its importance. If thinking that other person will not like it then there is a need to change the mind. Emotes are having their own importance and this makes the other person know that you are interested in them. Putting likes on their photo is a silent bomb but it is worth it. A person really looks for who had liked their photos and they will surely know that there is someone who likes them. In this way, the path of asking for a date is not a hard thing to do. The level of confidence is already raised and asking is just formal.

Give generous comments:

In any social dating sites, there is always an option for putting comments. These comments should be a kind and cheesy words. All the comments have to be positive and no negativity should be around anytime. Putting a comment on profile picture gives the other person a hint that you like them. It is a perfect opportunity to let them know your presence. Not only in profile picture but there are other photos too, putting small and generous comments increase the presence.

Ask instantly with quick messengers:

The option for sending quick messages is the perfect way of reaching a person. Any person male or female, this system works perfectly and provides an instant result. But the asking directly for a date will not be giving greater results in an instant. Just make small chats in the starting and then ask for the date. With the power of chats, a person gets easily into the mind of another person. The required thing to do here is to know about their interest and praise them.

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