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7 Ways to Make a Talk With stranger


7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone – Whenever you approach a Stranger girl, there are certain general rules which you should follow, these tips will give you the advice you need to sail through. Meet and Talk to Stranger always and improve.


I was walking home from the Advocate today, playing a game on my phone when I almost bump into a girl (she was typing on her phone at the time) and we dodge each other by stopping for a second, smiling and stepping to the side and continuing, the 2 seconds I saw her, I noticed she had AMAZING blue eyes and 5 seconds later I regretted not saying that to her, not paying her that small compliment, just to, hopefully, see her pretty face smile..Sometimes I wish I was less shy just for the purpose of paying girls compliments 🙁

  1. I”ll save you 15 minutes.
  2. Say hello
  3. Ask personal questions,
  4. Find commonalities,
  5. Give unique compliments
  6. ask for simple opinions
  7. Pay attention(Be in the moment)
  8. Remember names.