When To Start Dating Again After Breakup

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Dating after a break up is a really good confidence exercise, this is not really characterizing you as someone who is spending nights with a lot of people but this is about building the confidence that you lost and feeling adored by other people.


Breakups may be heartbreaking but just when you decide to move on completely, it’s a beautiful feeling. A broken relationship teaches you a lot and always grooms you to a better person. You learn from your past relationship and try to practice in your later once. But obviously, you just can’t think of a new relationship when you are still stuck with your old. You need to make sure that once it’s over, there’s no recalling of it if you fall for another.

But before dating, it is important to know whether you are really ready for a new relationship or not. Before you actually move on you need to ask yourself a question “Am I happy for me?” If the answer is yes, then this is the time that is welcoming a new relationship in your life.

When You Think You Are Healing

A lot of people start dating immediately after a break up thinking that it will help them come out of it completely. But this is not true, you need to invest a little of your time to heal yourself and get over your past relationship.

You just can’t sail on two boats where you are happy being in a relationship and at the same time feel sad about losing someone. This will mess your feelings as you will not be able to figure out, which feeling should be prioritized, the feeling of having someone new in your life or the sadness of losing someone special from your life.

It Is Not A Substitute

You can not expect that your present partner will be better than the one you let go off. Maybe they are good at something which makes you feel that they are better, but this may not always be true. If you keep comparing them with your ex-partner, then you are not clearly moving on but trying to cook up false hope for yourself. You just can’t think that if “I am going on a date with a better person than I have moved on.”

You Want Them Back

If the feeling or the hope still exists that someday you want your ex-partner to come back in your life, then clearly you should not jump to a new one. In this way, you will be cheating your new relationship as you still have feelings for your ex-partner and you will have to fake about it.

You Don’t Check On Your Ex-partner Anymore

If you are still switching in their profile to check their recent activities, then you are not ready for dating again yet. Stalking your ex-partner shows that you are still interested in their personal life and curious to know about it. If in any case, you have thought of dating someone after the breakup but do not feel comfortable of your ex dating too, then understand that you are still not ready.

You Have Reached The Level Of Emotional Stability

Just when you cross paths to your ex-partner and there is nothing left that bothers you then, you are all set! Moving on doesn’t only mean that you have to stop checking them out but taking their name doesn’t affect you.

You shouldn’t fall in a memory rush and end up having a sad mood. You must be ready enough to talk about it openly and work on points that led to a breakup in your past relationship.

Just don’t think that you are not strong enough if someone left you. If you are single then it doesn’t mean that no one admires you. It is just that you can only love someone else if you start loving yourself again.