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How to know if a Guy likes you


How To Tell If a Guy likes You!!
“Does a guy really likes me??” is a real and thoughtful question arising in every young teenage girl’s or woman´s mind. It is important to know the top 10 striking features shown out by young boys to grown up man where age also play a crucial role on how guys portrait their liking for a girl.
He will be the first to initiate in a conversation during a meet. To initiate a conversation it goes very easy for guys than when it comes to girls.If he like you, he will start asking about random things which he might have no clue about it, but still, the urge to talk to his loved girl makes him go crazy!!


Has listening ears:

In this busy world, not everybody has got and patience to listen to all old memories to daily schedule but he who loves you like to know more about you in detail in a depth where he almost knows who was your favorite school time crush to the latest update.This type of person is really whom you are looking and don’t miss him because he has really invested his time in you.


Eye to Eye contact:

In a family get-together or in a workplace, when he cracks a joke or leading an important conversation he will look at you first and wait for the reaction than seeing the whole crowd.His decision depends on who she feels too with their eye to eye conversation which can be felt only when he is deeply in love.

Body Language:

Showcasing similar body language like her make the girl feel more comfortable and attracted to him and also leaves back a clue that he is trying to communicate with you and focused on her madly.


One random day he comes up to you pouring out his bad times or any kind of mind disturbing situation or incident then it’s definitely a sign of trust he has on you which he likes to grow as love and passion for you.

Macho Look:

He wants to look cool and attractive by showing off his gym trained arm and biceps when she is around. Girls fall for a macho look which he tries to bring out , this can be one of the sign that he is trying to create a likeness.

Gives the best compliments:

Even a simple dress without any hair do or make up also make him feel that he is his princess and keeps complimenting which is usually seen when he likes you and wants to be around you.


Cold feet or a sweaty palm around you during a course of a conversation or when only two left alone makes him nervous which is a unique feature seen only when the guy likes the girl, since guys are not the type who becomes shy and nervous with girls around.

Spark when Touched or Being Touched:

That one minute of silence or jerk when he gets when you touch him or call him by touching him really makes him feel goosebumps, which confirms 100 percent that he likes you.

Friends Teasing Him:

When his friend’s gang come to know that he likes her, then starts their time to pull his leg and start calling his name loud around her or give a smirk look.
As a saying goes” A boy is in Love When Everybody Knows except the girls” can be changed after cracking these above hints!!

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