9 Tips to Make him Fall in Love with You

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In life, women come across many kinds of men. But figuring out the right kind of man to make fall in love with them is difficult.

Here Are Some Tips That Are Sure To Help

1. Condition The Man

A woman must always reward a man’s good behavior. Otherwise a man would find difficult to know what to do. So whenever a man displays affection or gives compliments, you should reward him. See whatever your budget permits and invest in that. Give him biscuits or PS4.

Rewards upon a positive conduct encourage a man to repeat the conduct. This will bring happiness in the environment again and again.

2. Conditioning Is Beyond Being Superficial

The reward and punishment technique will design a man’s behavior. It will over time bring in commitment and faithfulness into the relationship. Just like rewarding good behavior is important, discouraging bad behavior is equally important.

So if man wants to retire early for the bed, you must ensure that the regret factor comes into play. Don’t let him sleep. Try calling 911.

3. Give Out Intellectual Vibes

When all else fails, the intellect still thrives. So start having intellectual discussions with the man. You will connect at an intellectual level and strike a chord with each other. This will transcend to love, and both of you will start spending more time with one another.

4. Likes Attract

To make a man fall in love with you, start resembling him. The underlying background is development issues. Psychological and cultural issues also play a role over here. Look like his photocopy and start dressing up like him. Consider going for cosmetic surgery. This way a man will become dependent upon you by losing his identity. He will fall in love with you.

5. Discourage Free Will

Make the man convinced that choice is no longer a choice. The notion is nonexistent. Whenever an action takes place, motivation precedes it. So kill the motivation. In absence of motivation, the action will not take place. Reflexes and responses will calm down and life will be peaceful. When autonomy is done away with, love develops.

6. Discourage Sweating

Finding commitment is insufficient. Keep his potential partners at bay. When men break down psychologically, they are not considered as desirable partners by other women. But that does not finish the task.

Take away the biological components as well. Sweat is a very sexy sign, so make sure that the man never sweats. If he perspires frequently, give him lime juice. Taking a bath regularly and using deodorants and anti-perspirants will help.

The man should stay dehydrated at all times. Set the air conditioning accordingly. He will lose his appeal before other women.

7. Captivate Him In The Environment

By taking a man hostage, you can reduce the odds of him meeting other women. So resent his going out relentlessly. When he sees you all the time, he will fall in love with you. This will lead to a sequence of romantic scenarios. You can convey the stories to your grandchildren one day.

8. Relax

Don’t stress out excessively. When you feel stressed out, consume coffee. If you do not like restoring to unconventional means, you might as well let go. Instead of putting in extravagant efforts, it might not matter all that much. So relax and let go.

9. Boost The Ego

If you are, however, sure of finding true love, don’t give up. Instead, start boosting the man’s ego. Do it time and again. This will make the man feel important. He will feel like a hero. When he starts feeling good about himself, he will fall in love with you.