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10-Creative Ideas for Asking Someone For a Date

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As someone said, ‘dating is about finding out who you are and who others are’. However, when you meet a ‘special’ person and intend to date, you end up searching your mind for some impressive words. Although, cliche like will you go with me for dinner are passed, you can try these creative Ideas for asking someone for a date.

1. Music

Music is everyone’s passion and you can try some ideas spinning around the music. You can ask your dating interest to help you in buying some music videos at a popular high-end music shop. Later, besides dating opportunity, you can share those songs and videos on your devices.

2. Watch Together

You can also ask him or her to accompany you for a musical concert, opera, or a popular play. This is how you can develop easy affinity. In fact, this could work as your ‘pre-dating’ program that would chalk out the road map for dating.

3. Compliments

These surely work, when these seem subtle and devoid of any purpose other than just a polite and courteous admiration. Complimenting a woman on her chic dress or shoes will be responded for sure with a smile and polite thanks. Soon, this politeness will lead to dating, when chitchat begins.

4. Praise to Date

A woman can disarm a guy by complimenting him if she finds him wearing something unique and elegant. She can directly put that across on a platter of smile, ‘would you like to join me for coffee in this attire’. Surely, this might start the ball rolling.

5. Straight from the heart

You can learn from the experience of a girl in a college class, she turned around and asked a handsome guy sitting behind in a lecture. ‘Will you play Words online with me and friends?’ Taken aback, he responded with a quick yes, and later they started chatting and dating.

6. Try age old tactics

By asking your interest to visit a city museum or a historic venue together, by sending invite on a card through traditional mail. If your tastes or fondness match, a date is on the card.

7. Send a crisp note

If you feel your prospective date would appreciate direct approach. You can write ‘I would like to Date you Because 1. I am a good cook 2. I am funny 3. I like pizza 4. I have a great body 5. I am good in bed’. And ‘If these don’t interest you then try with same sex as you are!’ This creative note will carry a mind-blowing effect, but be prepared for some adverse reactions too!

8. Find Your Date Arty ways

As art makes a powerful connect that can bring strangers together, you can find your date creatively through the common arty interests. Check with your dating prospect by messaging some shots of old movies, classics, and popular movies.

When you find similar interests, you can offer to watch the movie together at your place or in a film theatre. This way you will have more time to spend together and make dating a natural process thereafter.

9. Literature

Try to get your dating supports from Shakespearean quotes or works of other arty personalities including poetries of great poets to impress your dating interest. This will be a bonus if other person also has inclination towards literature. Your sophisticated creative approach will help you win a date.

10. Out of the box ideas

You can try wild but interesting ideas like gifting a cake with a ‘Date Me’ line spelled with pieces of fruits on top. You can insert ‘Date Me’ note in a piece of brownie. You can also ask for dating while playing online games as well.
Enjoy these creative ideas and dating.