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Why Lynda Loves Chatliv, her interview


It was the fateful day of 31st March when after finishing my whole day stressful work I opened the Chatliv to have some fun and relax my nerves, I was just hanging with strangers through Stranger Video Chat which is my favorite chat room. So was the case with Lynda who is a model and considering her career in TV serials of Hollywood. I interacted with her on that night and this is how I got contacts and now we are good friends.


Many people describes such experiences when roam around in different Chat Room and it would be highly inspirational if I could present such experiences for you. I asked Lynda for interview and she agreed! All I have to offer intern is buy her a cheeseburger at In-N-Out burger when she finally comes to visit my place, and finally she did!


Hey there Lynda, tell something about yourself!

Indeed I am in many things – modeling, intellectual, down to earth and quick witted – “I am a little – I won’t say arrogant – self-assured,” she says when we meet on a freezing Sunday in Montreal. I am 22 and I majored in environmental sciences, I spend lot of time on tracking to great mountains and forest, nevertheless in the winters and rains. I have so many good places near my home and then I go to my lab of course. Usually I love variety of both.

Why do you love Chatliv, please tell honestly?

Because I got my boy-friend John through this and also got some flowering handsome men like you.

This is one of the reason I also like but, how did you reach chatliv site?

In today’s fast paced world everyone is running fast to do something: Someone building monuments, Someone trying to make other’s life better and someone fighting to make own life better, Someone trying to dive into technology and someone trying to get rid of it; even I see my friends how fanatically occupied they are, some has started their jobs in other towns, others are busy in tours, some have different schedule than I have, so I was getting pretty lonely and started devoting my time on internet.

It is not everything that helps you coming out from boring time on internet but yes when I discovered Chatliv for the first time, it was pretty convincing, relaxing and funny. I feel every human-being love wonders, and you can feel great wonders when you interact with strangers, simple reason is that every time you are interacting with new people and making so many friends. I admire chatliv for its good service and seamless experience during 24 hours and further its Anonymous and random chats are completely free, so indeed i felt no other option to resist and found all the reasons to opt this.

What was the most interesting conversation on chatliv, you would like to share with us?

My parents were out to USA for business for two weeks and was really looking forward to coming home as absence definitely made my heart grow fonder. I sat before my notebook and opened Chatliv, my younger sister was cooking something in the kitchen. My mood was little bit down and terminated three conjunctive chats with stranger boys who were not uplifting emotionally, however then happened something unimaginable and I shouted, wooooow! As model Peter K was face to face with me online. Indeed he is my favorite model and love and observe him in different magazines and Videos. He interacted with me for one hour and guys! I was really blown up, even my sister enjoyed the meeting.

What do you wish to people who know Chatliv?

I know guys! All of you might have encountered wonderful people and you enjoyed real fun, All I wish is happy chatting and lovely friendship will all kinds of people. But yes, one thing I would specifically mention is that always keep smiling when you are on internet, 2nd thing is don’t be harsh to your partner, if you are not willing to continue then just terminate the chat.

Every person has different story and it all depends upon you, how you interact and how much you can dig someone.

Thank you very much Lynda for this wonderful interview, I know there is something for both of us to be amazed about on and off the chatliv! Good luck honey!!!

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