10 Reasons Why Best Friends Are Priceless!

Best friends like the same stuff and have common inclinations. They share joys and sorrows, and have a lot of shared memories which bind them together.

There are millions of people in the world. Among them, just one manages to be your best friend at all times. This is quite strange. It may be the chemistry between you two that helps you stay best friends, and keeps enhancing over time. 

It Takes A lot To Continue Being Best Friends

Best friends like the same stuff and have common inclinations. They share joys and sorrows, and have a lot of shared memories which bind them together. They are just like conjoined twins. If you have a best friend, you must feel genuinely lucky to have him.

Let us take a look at the top 10 reasons to have a best friend in life:

1. Best Friends Are Reliable

Through the times that are happy and sad, best friends stand by you. When you wish to share happy news or need support, your friend is always there for you. There are times wherein best friends just show up, right when you need them the most.

2. Teach Important Lessons Of Life

Schools and colleges are attributed for most of the education that we receive in life. But it is our best friends who sometimes give out the most important lessons in life. This sometimes comes in the form of little advice that helps deal with complex situations. 

3. Keep Company

Best friends keep company at all places, birthday parties, shopping trips, picnics and holiday breaks. Even if you stay at home when there is a nice party going on, your best friend can come and accompany you over there.

4. Inside Jokes Are Easier To Make

Your best friend will know how to make you smile. Even if you crack a joke that is not great, the best friend will still laugh. The person will have a taste for your sense of humor. You can hence share a large number of jokes over complex situations.

5. Have Yourself Photographed

The social media bug now rules our minds. A number of users are apprehensive about the kind of images they put up over social media. When your best friend is around, the need to hire a professional photographer is done away with. Your best friend can click your photographs repeatedly, while you get a nice pick.

6. Helps You Get Real

With your best friend around, you overcome the fear of being judged. There is no need to hide your flaws and weaknesses. Your best friends aren’t there to judge you. Instead, they help you become a better person.

7. Give Warm Hugs

Everyone loves warm bear hugs. Best friends have a significant healing power. Dark days turn to the ones that are bright. Best friends hug free of cost.

8. Borrow Their Clothing

If you came up with a last minute party invitation, don’t worry about the clothes that you need to wear. Instead you can wear your best friend’s clothes. Your best friend knows that once you borrow the clothes, you are never going to return those. But it is because of their love for you that they give away their clothing items to you. They are willing and happy to do so.

9. Have Common Enemies

Whoever is your enemy is also your best friend’s enemy. If someone points a finger at you, your best friend will always teach them a lesson.

10. Plan Out Things Together

Your best friend will willingly risk his life for you and always says yes to all the plans that you make. So you can plan out last minute parties or go for adventure sports. Their funny and annoying habits will make you happier. So best friends are like diamonds. They must be treasured with care and love.