10 Creative Ways to Ask Someone for Dating!

Try not to repeat age-old methods of calling or texting, but try one of these 10 creative ways to ask someone out for dating.

Remember last time when your quest for asking someone for a date was a disaster. This time you need to make your invitation more exciting and different.


Try not to repeat age-old methods of calling or texting, but try one of these 10 creative ways to ask someone out for dating.

Create Few Poetic Lines

You can attract his or her attention towards you by remembering and narrating some romantic lines from a movie or a song. However, you can make bigger impression when you can create your own song or poetry. Its flavor could be either comic or romantic, but it will still work positively for taking that special someone out for a date.


Use Radio Program

There are certain channels and programs on radio where you can smartly ask someone for a date. Inform that ‘special’ someone to hear that program. There you can ask for a date, when you are on air. Interesting? Yes, it can work for you too.

Use Your Sense of Humor

Good humor always makes faster connection. You can use your good humor to fix up a date. If you are short of funny lines, refer some comedy shows or movies and comic lines spoken by your favorite characters. Your funny side will work positively for you.

Leave an Interesting Note

Being clever is being creative today! You can try by leaving a note on that person’s working desk, car, or wedged to a small gift. You can give options like movie, play, or restaurant, or any other and ask to tick in the box. I know about a couple, who used to exchange magazines along with such smart notes as dating invites.

Bake a Cake

Today men and women both have flare for cooking, as it is no more a woman’s privilege. Bake a chocolate cake or any other if you know about the taste of other person. On that cake, you can write ‘Date me’ by placing small colorful candies on top. You will certainly get an enthusiastic positive reply.

A Bouquet Always Work

Flowers are the first love of the most women. Send a bouquet of lovely roses through a florist or personally if that someone special is a girl. Stick a note with the bouquet, preferably hand-written with a charming quote or line asking her for a date.

Pretension for Attention

I remember my college days, when a boy used to approach an unknown girl by pretending that his friends, standing at a distance, have placed a bet that you wouldn’t talk to her and give him her phone number. Then, most of the time girl used to respond positively. This ploy still works for dating, although in some reformed ways.

Casual Approach

You must remain very casual, with well-hidden dating intentions. Don’t rush, give your relationship some time to develop and ease out to a comfortable degree. Never use the word date and make this look like a huge affair. Dating, in due course will happen without making extra efforts.

Game Will Frame the Path

Play a game, something like the scavenger hunt where heroine placed a sequence of arrows and notes to draw a man’s attention. One can’t possibly go to that extent, but multiple hand-written notes in sequence can still work well. After taking his or her mind to several places you can draw attention to the main dating point.

Use Emojis

Sometimes emoji can say more than the words could say. It is a simple and uncomplicated creative expression. Communicate with Boy and girl with emojis. You can make different creative patterns asking and get consent for a date.