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11 Memorable Ways To Propose To Your Girlfriend!

Proposing to a girl is an important step ahead in your life. You have a reason to make efforts such that the presentation is just right.

If you have come across the woman of your dreams, you are very lucky. You should ask her to be your wife. But before going and proposing, you should plan it out. You should be well informed in advance with respect to what you will say and how you will say it. It is best to not be nervous. Before you buy her a ring, ask her parents for permission to marry her. In case you have a choice, you should make the best of it. 


These are 11 Memorable Ways To Propose To Your Girlfriend!

1. Marriage Is A Big Deal

Proposing to a girl is an important step ahead in your life. You have a reason to make efforts such that the presentation is just right. It is something special that you would be doing for the woman who would go on to be your wife. Hence it is only right that you should work towards making it memorable. But get over the pressure and nervousness and be confident. It helps.


2. Girls Like Grand Proposal

Girls like proposals that have special effects. But do not copy from the movies and be original. Have roses in one hand and the ring in other, and go down on your knees when you propose. 

3. Be The One You Are

Girls like it when guys do not pretend. Don’t pretend to be jazzy if you are reserved otherwise and vice versa. While being yourself, you must try to be creative, but it must not come across as though you are acting. The expressions must come straight from the heart.

4. Propose At A Candlelight Dinner

This is characteristically a popular method, but is very likely to work out well. This will be one of the most special evenings in your lifetime, so it is okay to put in additional efforts to make it special. When you dim the lights and light up the candles, the stage is all set for something special to happen. 

5. Propose On A Special Day

It is best to centre down on a special day for proposing to your girlfriend. Let it be on the Valentine’s Day if you thought of the idea in the beginning of February. It may not be worth waiting for an entire year if it is already March. So propose on another important day in your life, such as your birthday.

6. Propose During A Movie Break

If you go out for movies, propose during the interval while you both munch on popcorn.

7. Write It On A T-Shirt

Write your message on a T-Shirt and present it to your girlfriend. Or wear the T-shirt yourself under a jacket and when you get to a park, take off the jacket. This will make your girlfriend melt. 

8. Propose Over A Radio Stations

One of the radio stations in your city is sure to broadcast listeners’ messages. So you can broadcast your message over a radio station. In case your girlfriend does not listen, you can broadcast again. Or have the broadcaster call her.

9. Express Through A Banner

At your girlfriend’s workplace, hang a banner asking her to marry you. It is better if you are sure of a positive response. Alternately, at a workstation, suspend a huge banner asking her to marry you. Alternately, have an airplane pull the banner. But make sure you are both at the spot when this happens, and mention the names as well.

10. Write A Love Letter

If you are apprehensive about saying stuff in person, write a love letter proposing to your girlfriend.

11. Bake A Cookie

Put note inside a cookie and give it to your girlfriend to eat. But make sure that she does not swallow the note as well.