15 Charming Ways to Impress Her on the First Date

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On your first date you can impress her by your charming ways. The old saying, ‘first impression is the last impression’, is not so far off the mark. Treat this occasion as your only chance to woo her into a long time relationship.


You need to understand that you have to be prepared on your first date, as in modern times, people have less time to make decisions. In fact, they soon become judgmental and go for rejection on the slightest of pretexts. Therefore, it is imperative that you should learn about 15 charming ways to impress her.


Here Are 15 Ways You Can Charm Her

1. Pick Her Up

It is always better for you to pick the girl from her home. Although, she can meet at the rendezvous point directly, but picking from her home scores in your favor. Moreover, you can talk on the way also, there you can learn something about her including her musical taste etc.

2. Select Right Setting

On your first date with the girl, you need to choose a place which is less noisy in terms of crowd and loud music. You should select a place where you can talk in peace. Having a right atmosphere on your first date is the key to a successful meeting.

3. Dress up

On your first date with her, you don’t need to ‘dress to kill’ but dress with skill to charm her. You need to dress up smartly in your best outfit to make her feel at ease.

4. Conversation

The nervousness on first date with her is understandable. However, make your conversation as spontaneous as possible. She should not feel that she is being interviewed. Stay confident, never let butterflies in your stomach bother you. Convince yourself that you are a charmer out to win her heart.

5. Use phone with care

Often, the overuse of phone has proved to be a non-starter in many budding relationships. If you keep on attending phone, the girl feels letdown by your etiquettes.

6. Pay unwavering attention

Switch off your phone and give her your complete attention, while maintaining an eye contact while talking.

7. Avoid Physical advance

It’s your first date and time to charm her. Avoid expressing your physical intentions or try kissing her. You will only spoil the date if you do that.

8. Interesting conversation

Avoid boring conversation; make your chat laced with subtle humor. Let her talk on her life and education etc.

9. Make yourself the brunt of joke

The girl could get impressed with you easily when during chatting you make yourself the part of joke while sharing some funny incident from your past.

10. Shun making negative jibes

There could be some differences between you and girl regarding her choices in foods, celebrities, or her favorite political party. You should not be vocal with your negative jibes, as this will go against you.

11. Stay polite with others

Your charm can go out of the window if you speak indecently to the waiter or other people around the vicinity of your meeting place.

12. Limit drinks

Limit yourself to two drinks only and maintain your old charm.

13. Be yourself

Don’t pose what you are not, be only what you are, a charmer to the boot.

14. Avoid blunt rejoinder

Never say ‘NO’ but articulate like, ‘but I think otherwise…etc.’

15. Let her ask

Prompt her to ask about you also, because one way conversation will not be so charming.
Enjoy your first date and subsequently a beautiful relationship.