10 Reasons Why Living Alone is Awesome?

10 Reasons Why Living Alone is Awesome, You are your best friend. You know your self more than anyone else. There are many benefits & advantages of living alone and their perks are so many. Here we sharing some top 10 perks of living alone.

People think. And, then they form opinions. And these opinions are shared and discussed upon, which in the end, shape how we think. We might call some things bad and barely endurable without even knowing about it. One of such things that get a bad rap is living alone. Sure, it is nice to have someone in our life, but living alone isn’t that bad. What, you do not believe me? Read on and you’ll be convinced why living solo is the awesome way of living that you never knew. Let your minds be blown.

1. Space:

All of that you see is yours. Be the master of your living space and enjoy yourself. Nobody is going to judge if you ate that whole pizza all by yourself while shouting at the contestants of the bake off. Whatever you want to do, go ahead and do it. Just don’t forget to close the blinds. Neighbors can be nosy.

2. Peace of Mind:

When you have roommates or boyfriends, you have to settle for that drunk rant from their rooms or the jam sessions of the most arrhythmic tunes you ever heard in your life. Living on your own takes care of that. No longer should you worry about an out of tune rendition of a candle in the wind.

3. Schedule:

This is often a problem of cohabitation. If the person you share your home with happens to be on opposite schedules, this can become an outright nightmare.

4. Bathrooms:

You woke up half an hour late. That damned alarm of yours wasn’t loud enough. Or maybe it was but you snoozed it and forgot about it. You need to hurry to get to the office and hour late. But your roommate or boyfriend is too busy with playing scrabble on the toilet seat. Well, never again.

5. Walking around naked:

Yup, go ahead with your sexy self. Dance to your favorite song or just belt out your rendition while holding a spatula. No one’s there to stop you. But, as we talked earlier, do not forget to draw the shades. Neighbors just won’t let it go.

6. Responsibilities:

Spiderman’s uncle was right. With great powers, come great responsibilities. But now, you are so efficient in managing stuff that you can call yourself a financial ninja. You take care of bills as soon as they come, fix things and get the repairs done. You own that.

7. Your Bubble:

You had a hectic day. The boss yelled at you for no reason. The cab you tried to stop, ruined your outfit. And it was too crowded in the train. But as soon as that door closes, the bubble effect starts. The outer world doesn’t matter anymore. You have reached your fortress of solitude and happiness.

8. No Sharing:

Our mothers taught us that sharing is caring. That fact doesn’t apply to everything. Certainly not to the fact that Game of thrones is on and your roommate is just not that “into it”. Believe me, such people exist.

9. Open Doors:

With no one to hide from and no shame factor hanging over your head, you can go to the bathroom with the door open. You can also position your TV in such a way that it is visible from the toilet seat. Crapping just became fun.

10. Knowing yourself:

It is always recommended that you live alone for once in your life. Living alone can make you independent and handy at getting things done. You grow as a person and learn a lot about yourself which can be a rewarding experience.