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Tips for Meeting Online Friends in Real Life


Meeting Online Friends in Real Life

Meeting with online friend in real life is as interesting as meeting a stranger online, when you are live then you can feel someone near you but still a desire remains in persons mind that I must meet her or him face to face so that you can materialize or fantasies.


I met with such stranger first time when I was seventeen on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and believe guys it was really great fun. But it is not the always case, indeed you don’t know history & true attitude of someone and allowing him to meet you privately is a scary thing-as things not always happen the way we expect.


Afterwards I have met with countless people and now, out of them there are many friends now who remain in touch with me through facebook, linkedin or Twitter. Since I am doing this for long time, therefore thought occurred to my mind that this would be good idea to offer some tips about that future meetup-which you may programme for yourself. Indeed when you spend your time to meet someone then this is worth of it, it is in the rarest of the rare case that you will regret.

Make Sure Identity and looks of your online friend is not fake

First of all, make sure that person you are going to meat is not a 40-year-old dude with a taco stain on his undershirt or 400 Pound giant man with thin head or a drug addict. So whensoever you plan to meet with someone then don’t give him date immediately but first engage him at least for a weak. Sometimes we get so much carried away by spontaneous hang out plans that we forget such important things.

Exchanging Phone Numbers with Online Friend is the first Need

You may need directions to locate whereabout during meeting or may have another similar query, by having phone number you can organize the things in a planned manner. It is also wise to have Tumblr, facebook or E-mail addresses.

Have an proper Action Plan to satisfy your Online Friend in real life

Just like if you were searching for a job or planning an interview, dating is no different, proactive preparation will help you in scoring good during first date.

Public Place is the Most Suitable Location for dating first time with online friend

Safety must be accorded priority irrespective of the fact how accurately you know your stranger friend. While meeting in public place your mate will also be comfortable-as no one wants to dive in physical intimacy during very first meeting- after all it should be convincing experience during first date.

Proper Planning Reduces Nervousness and will relax you as well as your Online Friend

Grab some food and then see a movie or hang out at a cool local bookstore or go thrift shopping and so on.. But not like a layman but like a manager. Don’t forget that your partner is noting each and everything. Your online friend who is meeting with you in real life would also like to leave good impression just as much as you do! Therefore don’t feel nervous as this would be the common thing with both of you.

Online Friend may not be the exactly same as was in Online Video Chat

Your friend may be different than you have expected but don’t get confused, hey, as long as they aren’t a jerk, be cool and enjoy the meet.

Stay in touch with your online friend after first dating

Don’t be embarrassed about talking about something which you used to talk during video chatting, though you may feel little awkward but be in your original nature and don’t be so formal, this is how you can give your best. Your aim should not be impress her with masked personality but to present yourself in most original manner.

It is the give and take and not always the sense of taking advantage

Don’t be so lavish while spending on your new friend, flex your muscles only to the extent you can afford of doing so, on the other hand don’t be miser as well. Help your friend wheresoever you feel like and appreciate as and when you get revert of the same. If friendship happens from both sides only then it can go long and flourish.