10 Facts & Secrets about Sex that you must know

The topic Sex is sort of a paradox. No one knows much about it and yet, a lot has been said about it. Everyone has their own opinions, advice’s and articles in magazines and newspapers. The topic is so ever present and yet, considered taboo in many regions of the world. It’s such a mystery and that is the reason why it has given birth to so many myths. No one actually knows it all as the experience differs from person to person. So without any further ado, let’s know a little bit more about the actual realities of sex.

1. No guru:

There is no such thing as master of sex or actual gurus. It’s an experience different for each individual. Everyone has different fantasies and liking’s. So, what works for you might not for somebody else. Nobody knows everything about sex and anyone claiming to do so is a liar.

2. Awkward:

You are all grown up now. And you are aware of what sex is. You are even having it and loving it. But suddenly, that favorite actor of yours starts kissing the actress you detest so much and things start getting uncomfortable. Not because of your hate for the actress, it is because your parents are watching with you. This will forever be awkward.

3. It’s not love:

People want to have sex when their minds and bodies tells them too. Love has absolutely nothing to do with it. Sure, it makes the whole act sound cute and gives a nice ring to it. But it has nothing to do with the starting of it. Romance is the essence, but not the cause.

4. It’s definitely you:

People blame others for them not performing in the bedroom. You might have heard of the infamous line “It’s not you, it’s me”. Well in almost all of the cases it’s definitely you. Sure denial can be the friend you want but it is not the friend you need.

5. Unfair Advice:

People often discuss their personal lives with their close friends. And they often seek advice from them either. There are a lot of therapists that do that. Hell, even magazines and newspapers are full of agony aunts that have got your back. Here’s the truth, their advice is not going to help you. Talking to your partner, will.

6. Messy:

However that love scene between those two hot actors looked on the screen, it’s not all that meets the eye. Sex is not flowers and rainbows; sex is strenuous and messy. And it makes you tired. It’s not a pretty sight. And your hair is definitely not going to be perfect like that in the movie.

7. The deceptive attraction:

A beautiful face and a hot body isn’t everything. The general reality here is that most such people are too full of themselves to give a rat’s ass about if you have a good time or whether you like it or not.

8. Something different:

You first time isn’t going to be anything like what you might have heard before. It might be similar but certainly not the same. Whatever expectations you might have had, might as well throw them away now.

9. It’s not everything:

Believe me, it’s certainly not. You know that love thing we talked about earlier? That is what perseveres all and matters at last. The kindness is what keeps you going and happy. Sex is just an energy drink you need from time to time.

10. Difficult:

It can be difficult to have a healthy sex life when you are busy with work and children and other things. At the end of the day, you just want to sleep. Your bed is the place you want to be. Not to have sex, but to get that valuable sleep time.

Truth :

In Simple words, Sex is More than Sex. It’s a Energy. It’s Not love but a Start Point of Love. When Sex Energy Transformed then it becomes love. Sex is a experience of nothingness, Sex is a state of timelessness. Some People Says it is Most precious thing God Have created for Human’s to Experience the state of bless where there is no past, no future, no pain or gain just a Present. A Two Second Trailer which always remind you there is something which you don’t know. A Tailor of Enlightenment is a SEX.