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9 Easy Steps to Make a Man Fall in Love with You

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If you’ve a crush on a man and seriously want him to fall for you, there are ways to charm him. You may seek his attention and pursue an everlasting bonding with him, but not before you learn some tricks of the trade.


Here Are Some Steps You Can Make A Man To Fall In Love With You.

1. Stay Optimistic

When you are out to achieve something, first thing you need is optimism. By having some apprehensions like ‘will he or he will not’ can make your pursuit difficult. A positive frame of mind makes your resolve stronger.


2. Patience

If your heart throbs for a guy and you desperately want him, first thing you need is the patience. Patience pays off, as your haste can spoil your plans. Your approach should not be of a needy person, as your main task should be to make him feel ‘needed’.

3. Appreciate His Manliness

A man wants the woman to appreciate his manliness and his role of the protector. A man wants woman to praise him for his calm demeanor under adverse pressure situations. You may not be impressed on that count but you need to get along with it. Adore him for that if he has a special place in your dreams.

4. Compliments

Shower him with discreet compliments that seem real and bear some logical sensibility. You need not make him a Tom Cruise, when he is more like someone opposite to him. The safe and effective compliments could be appreciation for his good clothes, looks, and rejoinders like ‘miss you so much’ etc.

5. Give Him Your Thoughts

Gone are the days when girls used to hide feelings until getting nod from the guys. Since rules are different now, let him know what you think of him. Share your feelings for him don’t wait for his admission of love for you. Try sending cool texts like ‘Our chats keeps on coming back to me, not able to concentrate on work’ or ‘Hope you are as good today, as my memory of our last date’. Surely, these will give him some reasons to smile and think about you.

6. Show Support for His Interests

A guy loves the support for his interests and hobbies. You may not have any interest in the sports or activities that he may be interested, but your interest in his interests would surely spur his interest in you. You don’t have to tell him outright that you don’t find any spark in fishing, golf or rock-climbing. Get along coolly by asking about it and appreciating him for it.

7. Be a Good Listener to Him

Only a good listener can be an interesting talker. Your keen interest in hearing him out would inspire him to focus on you for forming a longer partnership. Attentive listening would surely make you win your guy. Moreover, by listening to him, you can discover some undisclosed areas of his personality. Don’t make mistakes like some women who half-listen or not listen at all.

8. Laugh at His Jokes

No compulsions on this count, but find some humor in his jokes or rejoinders. Some girls make it an issue because of their egos and end up mellowing down their relationships. Win him by adoring his humor and tell everyone that your guy is really hilarious.

9. Knowledgeable Discussions

Dumb women are not men’s idea of longer relationships. If you are intelligent and well-aware of current affairs or have prowess to carry out healthy discourses, you have all the chances to woo him. Pick those topics that you both may be interested to discuss.

Enjoy good luck with your positivity and confidence!