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What Are The Signs You Should End Relationships?

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Ending a relationship is not easy but sometimes it’s better to let go what’s never meant to happen. To build and preserve a relationship one needs to invest a lot of time and effort. But at times things aren’t made to happen no matter how much we try. Usually, partners feel terrible to end relationships. But the fact is relationships should end when both the partners have done everything they can.


Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to continue relationships even after doing all that is possible because they just don’t get along. There are other justifiable reasons too that why two people decide to end their relationship. Even after investing all their energies on each other the result isn’t that great then parting ways is much better.


A relationship does not end in an hour or a day. It ends slowly and gradually. Here is a list of symptoms which shows that the relationship is likely to end:

1. Small Irritations Which Increase over Time

In every new relationship, there are things which a person is fond of about the other person, and there are also things which are hard to tolerate. New lovers tend to appreciate the things which they are fond of while they simply ignore the irritating part. After a point of time, the negative or the distressful behavior starts festering and increases to a point where it is hard to ignore. These can be little things like forgetting a promise or leaving the room messed up.

There might be bigger things too such as getting drunk a bit too much or staying too close with an old girl or boyfriend. When these disappointing things hit a certain level, the other partner can’t just ignore it anymore.

When good connections get eroded by assembled resentments, the relationship starts moving in the wrong direction. The good parts which ones kept two people together get buried under uncountable layers of disillusionment and disappointment.

2. You Realize Both You Have Different Values

All of you must have your own set of values and belief systems which are essential to you- freedom, security, a liberal family, a conservative family or an open marriage. Whatever your values maybe they’re completely fine but often you may find that your values rub uncomfortably with the other person. Once that happens, you must understand that the relationship isn’t going be as heavenly you thought it to be and might end quite soon.

Every relationship evolves by a series of negotiation, compromise and assimilation of your other half’s values in your life. But at times the values may be too distinct that it can never be reconciled without any serious rift or struggle with yourself and what you really believe in against what your partner actually wants. In that case, it is best to end the relationship mutually by both parties and just move on.

3. You No Longer Want to Make Plans with Your Partner in Mind

If once this starts happening with you, you must understand the fact that you’re slowly pushing your other half from your life and it is time you remove them from your life. While you make a plan about your future, you always consider your loved one to be a part of it even if they aren’t involved directly in it.

If that stops happening suddenly, then it’s a significant sign which your mind is giving you to end it. Once, you understand that your significant other is no more a part of your plans then you should also consider the fact that they’re no more a person who you hold dear. If this is something that is happening to you naturally, it means that psychologically you’ve already let them go.

4. You Realize That the Person Has Become a Stranger to You

The worst and the most crucial sign you get about your partner is when he or she starts feeling a complete stranger to you. You might still have the feelings and memories in your mind but who he is fundamental to you might change drastically.

You may not have the same feelings or dreams with the person. The supportive bond which you both shared might also come to an end. The person may look similar to the face you fell in love with but won’t be the same to you in terms of nature and behavior. He won’t seem to be the person you fell for.

In this situation being unfair and untrue to yourself as well as your partner isn’t the best thing to do. It’s better to end the relationship then and there instead of regretting later.

These were some very common and useful tips to help you realize if your relationship is the one you wanted to have or not. Remember life is short so it’s better to make some tough decisions earlier than to sit back and regret later.