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Do Women Set Their Expectations Bar Higher While Dating?

The women of today have certain specific lines of thinking that all those potential daters should understand before setting out to date a woman.

Mostly men are not as astute as they think they are to know all about women, especially when it comes to dating them. Dating them is a different ball game; this is why they say that ‘men are from Mars and women from Venus’. Do women set their expectation bar higher while dating? The women of today have certain specific lines of thinking that all those potential daters should understand before setting out to date a woman.


First, What Men Think?

Men often believe that women think like they do, which is far from reality.  A man needs to get into her mind to understand her expectations of a man. Believe me, your life will be a lot easier when you find what’s going on in her brain.


The women today may be romantic by nature, but they like to walk along on the hard ground of reality. Ironically, studies on women may be shocking to those macho males with a simple ideology that begins with their unwavering focus on the physical attributes of a woman. Men are so much involved with their own fantasies during dating that they forget to explore other brighter aspects of personality and mindsets of women.

Expectations she carries in her mind

The women may seem a bit complicated through the men’s viewpoint. However, women today select their prospective suitors with a good sense of humor, style, confidence and being mentally & emotionally more commanding. A woman doesn’t give priority to the physical appearance of a man over other characteristics. A woman of substance today wants the man to thrive under all situations. She is more comfortable when a man carries himself with dignity by being his own ‘real’ self.

Women love confidence

Gomez De La Serna has an interesting point to make, he says, “Women think that all men are same, and this is their strength; men think all women are different- it destroys them.” This perspective relates to the confidence of a man in the company of woman.  The women while dating treat the men with confidence. Whereas, most men because of their simplistic ‘single point’ approach lose confidence. They want men to talk with certain articulation and behave normally. Women love confidence in men more than any other thing.

A modern woman expects certain qualities in man when dating

  • Respect for them: Women expect respect for them, of their opinions, friends, career choices, and interests. So, be careful with your opinions when dating, as this could make or break the relations there only.
  • They love these traits in men: Honesty, rationality, and being kinder & more considerate towards them and others.
  • Intimacy & Romance: On their dates and even after they become a couple, women love dinners under candle lights, with wine & flowers, music, and romantic setups. The way to the bedroom goes through their romantic hearts, when they become romantically inclined and committed for the longer relationships.  So, never rush in your first date but develop confidence, wait, and watch.
  • Communication is the way to go: Most women love sweet and smart talk. They love to speak when they find other person good to talk to. To score good points in your date, you need to speak jovially and confidently, but more than that you need to be a good listener. Once she starts talking about herself, you would discover her hidden side. Women also love your appreciations on their beauty, brains, and opinions.

Move confidently without any pressure to enjoy your dating.