11 Reasons Why Marrying Your Best Friend Is Awesome!

marrying your best friend,best marriage

In a person’s life, marriage is one of the most important decisions. It is best to get married to a person who will always be by your side.

Married life is sure to have a lot of twists and turns. When you go on to marry your best friend, you know that he will always be by your side. It lets one be oneself without being judged.

Let us take a look at 11 reasons to marry your best friend

1. You Know Each Other Well

Your best friend would know you better than you know yourself. Seeing your partner’s face gives you a fair idea into what he is thinking. So there would be no hidden surprises. Dark secrets, likes, dislikes and greatest fears are all known in advance. No efforts need to be made to know the person well.

2. It Lets You Be Yourself

Marrying your best friend lets you do all the odd stuff in front of your partner. There is no compulsion to behave as such. A person knows in advance that he or she is not going to be judged. A best friend would know you inside out. Your partner would know how to deal with you. This liberty is priceless. One gets a chance to be oneself. Your best friend loves you anyway.

3. Complete Trust Is Already Prevalent

There are people who tend to talk behind your back. But your best friend wouldn’t be doing that. They will defend you when people say bad things, and apologize to your boss for what you might’ve said.

4. Goals In Life Are The Same

There would be a whole lot of stuff which would be common amongst the two of you. In the same way one finds regards for the choices that one makes in life. Your partner would respect the choices that you make. This is even when he or she does not understand the choices.

5. Love And Care Are Unconditional

Endless love and care come for free upon marrying your best friend. Since you cannot stay without each other for long, your best friend would return to you even after you fight. There would be no conditions imposed over love. You will always find love for who you are.

6. You Have A Lot In Common

Best friends have things in common. You might both like science documentaries over the Discovery Channel, or thriller detective novels.

7. Life Of Adventure

Each person has a notion of adventurous things that he wants to do in life. The best person to contact in such circumstances is your best friend. You can together go ahead and do the things you always wanted to do.

8. You Might Be Into Different Stuff

As you’d feel secure with your partner, you’d feel secure with yourself as well. Gents can go on fishing trips while ladies can spend the afternoon in salon. There is no need to pretend.

9. You’d Be Best Friends For Life

The trust would be absolute, because your friend will always be there for you. You could go snorkeling or enter into parenthood.

10. Good Companionship

Since you share a good rapport with your best friend, you will always find good companionship in form of your best friend. Marrying your best friend makes life fun. It works in small and bigger ways alike.

11. Together, You’d Grow Old

In this world, it is best to grow old together with the person you love. One would then have a repository of stories one can share with one’s grandchildren. It starts at the moment you choose your best friend to be your life partner.