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Emotional vs Physical Intimacy: Do We Need Both?

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When we hear the word intimacy, our mind thinks of sex. But does intimacy really means sex? Well, Intimacy is way beyond intercourse, sex is just a part of it. Sometimes intercourse is not possible between couples due to various reasons. Maybe your wife is pregnant, or there is some physical problem, whatever the reason be you can still get intimate with your partner. It’s about the closeness between couples, creating and maintaining the sensual feeling.

What Is The Difference?

It’s like asking the difference between sex and lovemaking. To lay with someone doesn’t always require feelings. Intimacy can’t take place if two people don’t love each other. Sex is all about physical connection, intimacy requires a high degree of connection. It is when not just bodies, but two souls meet. If you are little tempted then webcam chat can also be a intimate experience for you. It’s not always about lovemaking, intimacy can mean various things.

On Emotional Level:

This happens in both non-sexual and sexual relationships. Being emotionally intimate with someone means sharing your secrets, desires, and feelings with them. Believing that all your secrets are safe with this person and you can speak your emotions without the fear of being judged.

When you are upset, you can go to this person. You always have their shoulder for you. Emotional level intimacy brings two souls closer. They believe in each other and trust each other more than anyone else.

For a Good Relationship, Emotional Intimacy is Very Important

If you can’t share your feeling with someone it means you don’t trust that person completely. This is not required only with your spouse, you can have emotional intimacy with your friends as well or you can have emotional intimacy even on camchat. You trust them that is why they are so close to you. We all have emotional intimacy with our best friend.

Intimacy Without Sex?

Yes, it is possible. There are many situations when couples intimate without having sex. Sex plays an important part in a couples life, but being intimate without sex is important to build the relationship stronger than ever. In an old relationship, people usually stop touching their partner unless they want to have sex, which is wrong. Make sure that you touch your partner often.

This touch could be stroking their cheeks, hugs, kisses, or even playing with their hair.
Find more opportunities for touching each other more. You can give your partner a good massage. Our body has some erotic point expect for genital. Find those erotic points of your partner and tease them. This intensive touching creates pleasurable sensations which increase the attraction towards each other.

Respecting Each Other Is Also Very Important In a Relationship

When there is no mutual respect, then getting intimate is not possible. Two people can have sex without respecting each other, hookups is a great example of this. But for intimacy, respecting each other is important. When you understand your partner, value their thoughts, appreciate their nature, attraction automatically happens which leads to intimacy. Respect leads to intimacy and it could lead to sex but the opposite isn’t always true.

There Are Many Other Ways of Having Physical Intimacy

When you are with your crush and they sudden touch you don’t you feel butterflies in your tummy? Well, this is the bond two people in love should share. Holding hands of your partner or giving them a warm hug is physical intimacy. Hugging your soulmate releases tension and stress.

You feel better and remain happy all day long. Kissing is another way of physical intimacy. It is healthy too, an intense kiss releases hormones which are good for our body. Greeting each other with a peck is common in some countries.This is because kissing brings two people closer. Next time when you leave the house, make sure to kiss your partner.

Cuddling Is One of The Best Examples of Being Intimate Without Sex

Cuddling and hugging are almost similar, cuddling is just more intense than hugging. When your body touches the body of your lover it feels great. You get closer not only on a physical level but also on the emotional level. Putting your arms around your partner and sleeping leaves you with good feeling and feeling lasts longer. In a relationship, having regular sex is not important but being intimate is very important.