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Five pranks to use on your date


Five pranks to use on April fool’s day with your date


If you are not having fun on April fool’s day then you are not doing much. Your date will be ready that you are going to do something. Without wasting much time here is what you can do with your date on Fools day.


1. Broken Screen prank:

This is one of the easiest pranks that will make your lover astonished for few minutes. Just download a high-resolution picture of a cracked screen. You will easily find these cracked screen images by searching in Google. Just change the main page screen while your partner is doing something. Act like you have dropped the phone and scream for a while. This will make the other person have a shock and leaving many questions in their mind. This prank can also be done with their laptop.

2. Fake hair cut prank:

Before trying this prank make sure you are ready to get scolded or have a proper punishment. You only need a few fake hairs that match the color of your partner’s hair. When they are sitting just go behind them and pull their hairs and use the scissor in the air near ears. When they look at you show them that you had cut their hairs. The moment of silence here is epic and a beat down also. When they realize that it is just a prank then a burst of laughter is coming afterward.

3. Toothpaste filled biscuit:

This is one prank that will leave your partner speechless and a nice pose for your camera. Buy a pack of cream biscuit and get toothpaste, nowadays toothpaste also comes in different colors. Take out all the cream from the biscuit by eating it or just remove it. Add toothpaste and spread it nicely in some of the biscuits. Place it on a plate and present it to your partner. They will have a thought that they are eating cream filled one but the taste will change their mind. To make it more realistic eat the original cream biscuit in front of them and they will have no idea what is coming.

4. Fake insects in the bathroom:

Get to a store and buy fake insects like cockroaches, snakes, bugs, flies or whatever you can find. You can place these bugs anywhere but placing them in bathroom, creeps the hell out of anyone. A person will only go to the bathroom when it is needed well it’s the nature call. When they open the door and watch that there are insects then they might do in their pants. Just have an extra set of clothing for him or her just in case they are not having one.

5. Change the dates:

This prank works every time when done nicely. Just change the date on a calendar, mobile and computer, use old newspaper or magazine. Also, tell your partner that they do not know what date is today. When they start to believe in you then it actually works. The whole day long they will be using the date you had told them. This actually makes the other person feel like they are fools.

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