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How to impress girl in first date


Many people who are doing stranger video chats on chatliv are able to find local girls whom they can date with, however how to convert first date into repeated dates is point of great interest, many of you might have experienced this thing as in the beginning you are little nervous or feel little awkward and want to give your best so that you don’t lose your appropriate match. But this require a customized approached based on your date’s personality, presentness, confidence and her emotional and mental state and finally this may be a piece of puzzle or peace of tranquility.


Take her views when you are planning for a date:

Girls like Live Cam Chat or online dating through web chat on chatliv but remember, chatting online and dating physically are really two different phenomenon. So you must be clear about her likings and dislikings, it should not be like taking vegetarian to a steakhouse or a salsa dancing club with someone who recently suffered a foot injury. This can be done by asking indirect questions to know allergies related to food or telling her jokes related- best jokes about worst dates, rest assured your humor and consideration will be acknowledged and appreciated.


Create a flexible itinerary for your date:

Based on interests of your girlfriend chose the right place for dating, but you must do good homework. Place should be according to the time- like in morning it would be different and in the evening it would be different, you can choose a restaurant, coffee Shop, museum shows, movie, theater or concert times. If you will be travelling to other location then must note down the places on the way and should organize stay nicely.

Pay attention to any signal related to extension of your date with a girl:

She may be extremely comfortable with you and may give you indirect signal of extending stay with you or want to walk after meal or roaming around in mall after movie. You must anticipate such signals even before she expresses.

Small compliments during first date, works a lot:

Give her assurances like – hope you are comfortable, I know you will be enjoying a lot, I got this from your smile etc. You should also display the courtesies like open the car door, pull out her chair first when you sit, keep appropriate physical distance based on her comfort level.

Keep your mind present and keep maximum eye contact with her during whole date:

Should have smiling face and radiate positive energy, present yourself as a happy and successful person proud to be who you are. It hardly matter where you go enjoy and entertainment should be first and foremost priority.

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