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Most Effective Communication Skills to Impress Girls!

In order to impress girls, one must have something which is different from the others. Girls are frequently encountered by a number of guys each day.

How does one go about impressing a girl? This seems like a very tough question in its true essence. Girls are not impressed by all things fake or unoriginal. So don’t try to be someone else while trying to impress a girl. You are unlikely to succeed. Try and be as original as possible.


Don’t Attempt To Impress At All

This is an important secret of impressing girls. There is a reason why this works so well. When guys try to impress girls, they lose their authenticity. They try to show off everything. This does not impress girls. They instead put you in the show off category. Instead, a guy must try to be himself. Things will then happen automatically.


Be Original

In order to impress girls, one must have something which is different from the others. Girls are frequently encountered by a number of guys each day. They all try to impress the girls with all that they have. If you also follow the same tactics, you may not succeed. So reveal your true self. Be the best you can be.

Be Cool

Keep doing things that you normally do. You will come by as an intellectual. Make attempts on your own behalf to be more intellectual. So you should read books and stay in tune with the current affairs. Being a good communicator helps.

Communication Skills To Impress Girls

Start talking to girls. Any opening line will do. Then the girl will talk to you. Either she will talk alone, or all her friends will talk to you. First, you should talk about fun things that you did last week. Talk about how your activities involved other girls. This will motivate the girl you are trying to impress. Mentioning other guys is not necessary.

1. Talk About Your Expensive Hobbies

If you have expensive hobbies like horse riding, you should mention those. This shows the girl that you are an alpha male. If you fly aircraft, mention it. It takes a lot of confidence to fly a plane. In case, you do not have expensive hobbies, present whatever hobbies you have nicely. The presentation is important and conveys the right message. You will still sound like an alpha male.

2. Be Confident

Confidence comes with being comfortable with who you are. It brings confidence in all aspects of your being. This will induce chemistry with the girl. You can then take things forward. But it will not work for all girls. For some it will work, for others it won’t.

3. Discover More

Look straight into the eyes when you speak. Eye contact makes the girls aware about you. It means that you are flirting. Find out about the things that the girl likes, sitcoms, movies and books. Then start talking about those things. The girl will fall in love with you.

4. Be Polite

Be polite in all your actions and conduct. Hold the doors when girls pass by. Pull out chairs for them. Don’t act fast. Instead be slow and easy. Be patient in all your actions. It will ultimately give you more satisfaction. Being slow also builds up more curiosity regarding your actions. So for impressing girls, attitude is everything.

5. Treat Situations On Merit

Girls like it when guys joke about lighter situations and are serious regarding serious matters. It is best not to mix up the two. This lets guys come across as mature and intelligent. But it helps to always be positive. Guys must express that they are in control. They must upkeep a jolly disposition.

6. Be Kind

Kindness is you being comfortable with yourself, and not insisting too much over anything. Nice guys are always kind. This impresses girls.