Good Night Message

Good Night Messages, Quotes & Statuses to Your Lover!

Good night messages, quotes and statuses which you can share with your sweetheart

At night, just before one dozes off in sweet dreams, a thoughtful good night message can warm the heart and induce good sleep. We cannot be close to our loved ones at all times, but we can always send a thoughtful message through an SMS or a WhatsApp message. 

A well thought-over WhatsApp status can also make a difference. When your friends and loved seeing the message at dusk, they will forget their worries and get all set for a good night’s sleep. Positive thoughts are scientifically known to improve sleep quality.

15 Sweetest Good Night Messages

1. Parting for the night is difficult, but in the morning, we’ll meet again.
2. Sleep well, for a beautiful day lies ahead tomorrow.
3. Each day, I contemplate over the astounding difference you have made to my life. Good night.
4. The best part about each day is seeing your beautiful face. Sleep well!
5. Pinch me. Am I really next to you each night? Good night beautiful.
6. When I think about the memories we created today, I cannot wait to create a few more tomorrow. Sleep tight.
7. I wish for the dreamiest and deepest sleep for you. Sleep like a baby.
8. Each morning when I see your face, all my worries disappear. Have a great night’s sleep.
9. Having a hard day at work does not matter when I see you in the morning. Sleep tight.
10. But your body at rest and mind at ease, for you deserve only the best. Sleep tight, my love.
11. Your sight makes my spirit shine. Sleep well, my handsome prince.
12. When I retire to bed, you are the last thing on my mind. Get a good night’s sleep.
13. I see your face before me, as I lie in my bed.
14. I wish you a good night’s sleep and dreams as beautiful as your thoughts.
15. It’s time to end the day with beautiful thoughts. Sleep deep and wake up energised. Good night!

11 Best Good Night Quotes

1. Here are the quotes that admire and rejoice the beauty and romance of night.
2. Night is all that I can think for as it is when I can think just about you.
3. You may not be near me but every night I come to meet you in my dreams
4. Night cannot separate us, as it comes with dreams which are just about you.
5. The colors in my dreams have started painting my life and the brightest color in it is you.
6. I did not know how to express my love for you and the night and the moon gave the best love story which I admire the most.
7. Love is not always about being together but it also has the blissful time of wait and that is what night is about.
8. Dreams are not just the imaginary world that night offers but for me it’s the world I meet you every day.
9. Darkness of night is just the mask that hides the sweet and romantic heart it has.
10. Never allow the darkness of night haunt you but embrace the beauty of the moonlight.
11. Night showers the dreams which just showcase the beauty of our love.

15 Great Good Night Statuses

Good night status, whatsapp status, facebook status other social media status1. We are under the same starry sky, just that the location is different.
2. You’d dream of lovely things tonight and wake up to find them real.
3. Take rest tonight, and everything’s going to be okay.
4. The night is a fierce battle between dreams and the internet.
5. When you have a good night’s sleep, a great morning is just about sure to follow.
6. I saw the moon wink at me tonight.
7. Sound sleep and a good laugh take away most troubles
8. Today is gone, what is done is done. Embrace your dreams, through the night. Tomorrow comes with a whole new light.
9. At night, when the stars light up my room, I sit by myself, talking to the moon.
10. In my Galaxy (Life), there’s a Solar System (Family & Friends). In the Solar System, there’s a planet called Earth (Me). And the Planet has only one Moon (You). Sweet night.
11. Good Night. May your night be blessed with Sweet Dreams!
12. I often think that the night is more alive and more richly coloured than the day.
13. All good things must come to an end, this day included. Good night everyone.
14. At the end of the day, keep your spirits high. Tomorrow’s a new and better day.
15. Before I sleep, I count my blessings instead of problems, I make sure, I sleep happy and grateful, Goodnight.