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21 Killer Conversation Starters So You Can Talk to Any Girl!

Tips for starting effective communication

Do you find breaking the ice and open the chain of conversations with a girl a difficult proposition? Many people are bad at it and they don’t know what lines to speak to begin.


Here are 21 killer conversation starters, so you can talk to any girl

  1. Tell me something about yourself!

This could invoke a positive response from a girl who would love to share many things with someone. As you gain her confidence, things would start to open up.

  1. What are your undisclosed skills?

Girls love to talk, what better way to touch the subject she might love the most, talking about herself.

  1. Are you working on something that excites you?

This could give you a detailed and interesting response than what the formal question like ‘What do you do nowadays?’ could get.

  1. Tell me about your story?

This could be an interesting conversation starter, likely to open a Pandora’s Box of interesting conversations and story.

  1. What has been your most favorite toy?

The answer for that will begin by a glint in her eyes and a smile on her lips, but a little pursuance will make her blurt out with a laugh. Your question will be rewarded with interesting talks.

  1. What‘s your passion and pet project you’re working on?

Most of the girls and boys today have a passion to follow. Explaining that to someone would be really interesting idea for her.

  1. Is host of the someone known to you?

If you meet the girl in an event or party, this question will work as a key to open closed lock of conversations.

  1. How is your day going?

Instead of asking ritual greeting ‘how are you’, ask differently.  You will surely get an interesting reply followed by more chats.

  1. How your week went?

Rest assured, you would not get an automated reply, but an elaborate reply that will make the base for the rest of evening.

  1. Do you like this event? You been there before in such events?

If the girl is involved with the event, you will have much to talk about those. In any case, your conversation will begin to prosper.

  1. You seem to be very busy lately, am I right?

This conversation starter always fetches more things to talk about and exchange different experiences of her works. A good starting point this query could become for more chats.

  1. Do you recall what most uncomfortable thing happened in the primary school?

Enjoy listening to her funny incident in school after you share one of yours with her. The primary school memories bring smile on every face and disclose unique things to share.

  1. Ask to review her day’s good and bad features?

This probing question could be a hit if the girl is a talker, if she is an introvert, you may need to try with different questions.

  1. Ask about the food or event you are attending together?

If you are in a party ask about the drink and food. You can ask a relevant question when in an event. Ask about décor of the place and anything of the place to begin chats.

  1. What are your favorite hangout places in town?

When she replies, you can add your preferences also and the conversation will begin on a comparative note. More importantly what matters is that the conversation begins.

  1. Can you recommend any dish or drink from that place?

Food is a common but most interesting topic to talk on. You can ask for her recommendations and also ask her out to visit that place together.

  1. Do you love sport and any event?

Your knowledge on sports could become a great tool to start conversations. Discussion on favorite matches, players, and sporting events will surely bring you on the same platform.

  1. Did you see that show on Netflix?

Begin with a slow start, but if she loves watching the shows you can begin with a full flow.

  1. Your dream job that had always been there?

Everyone has a dream to become from the childhood. You can discuss and thrive on this by adding your dreams also.

  1. Do you have a role model that inspires you?

Everyone has someone to emulate and become like that person. It could be a writer, scholar, scientist, social worker or people from other fields. Whatever that would be, you will be off to a flying start.

  1. Do you charity or support some cause?

Yes this sensitive issue could make your evening longer together, more so when you have something to add on your own.