How to Catch Attention of a girl

Some men have that natural charm and attraction which girls tend to flock to them when given a chance or when she realize that person is interested in her. But there are several whom a woman would never want to be with as her partner, indeed there are various qualities which you need to display to catch attention of a Girl, date with her and sustain friendship, it is not that you should go after a girl and beg for friendship but rather you should react, respond and present yourself in such a vibrant way that friendship naturally takes a pace:

Don’t Swing your Mood oftenly before girl:

Girls want to have clear cut view about their lover and but if you are extra caring, showing yourself super-hot boyfriend of her while the next moment, you are just indifferent then she will become skeptical & doubtful about you and sooner or later will losing soil again.

Don’t be ‘I-me-myself’ guy when you are in a company of girl:

Indeed it is not that difficult to start date with a girl as a girls may agree to go with you for 1-2 dates easily, however at the beginning of friendship you need to deepen the bond as soon as possible and if you fails in this then you will fail in retaining friendship and you will be on crossroads.

If your girlfriend want’s to go to a beach and you take her to dessert, if she want to enjoy Pizza in restaurant and you are offering fish, if she is more talkative and you remain observing paintings most of the time, if she want to share her views and you talking every time about your goals and your experiences, then you can very well imagine that what would be the outcome. Indeed you will have to make balance between your and her liking’s and must relax her to allow her sharing each and everything with you.

Girl must see Confidence about friendship:

Avoid being generic, don’t follow in the failed footprints of “Hey don’t you mind if I ask you to meet in restaurant”….. This seems to be so childish, rather say “I have a surprise for you, just be ready tomorrow morning, as I will be taking you to the finest restaurant”. She want to see stability and confidence about relationship in your eyes.

Carry out the funny conversation with a girl:

We may remain serious, emotional and silent but at the end we have to laugh and if we don’t then believe any relationship or any conversation would start dying. More you can make your partner laugh more you can relax her and come closer to her, she would really love to have your presence.

Video Chat on Chatliv with a girl:

Girls really love to have the video chat, as face to face interaction consoles her about the courtship and they realize you are not only with her during physical meeting but also when you are not before her eyes and best free video chat on Chatliv could be the good option.

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