How To Handle Your Jealous Girlfriend

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Jealousy is the most beautiful expression of love. If your partner is feeling jealous when anyone coming close to you, then they are deeply in love with you. But this is also true that handling a jealous girlfriend demands a lot of effort.

The casual relationship doesn’t encounter jealousy as none of the couples invest much of their feelings in it. But when the feelings become strong, the right to express jealousy comes hand in hand. Jealousy can lead a relationship to two different ways: First, it can toxicate the relationship or second that you may end up doing things that you don’t like just to make sure that your partner isn’t jealous anymore.

When jealousy increases, it might ruin your bond. It becomes important to handle this jealousy in the right way so that it doesn’t affect your relationship. Here are some points by which you can handle your girlfriend’s jealousy.

She Can’t Put It On You

It is important to understand how to handle feelings. If your partner is feeling something strong and is overthrowing this on you, then it is completely wrong. You don’t have to blame yourself, and if you do lose control. That is one such moment that you bow in a relationship and you have to bow every other time no matter if it’s your fault or not.

Lend Your Ears

You can’t express everything without saying it. Communication is one such sword that always helps you win in a relationship. If there is a certain change in mood, then you need to ask her. It is important to lend your ears completely when she talks about it. This is the easiest way to figure out what actually troubling you and what best you can do to eliminate it.

Personal Space Is Important

Transparency is important in any relationship but this does not mean that you need to compromise with your own personal space. Girls do not like sharing her boyfriend even with his casual female friends. To them, every girl that you talk to is a matter of insecurity and thus a reason behind her jealousy.

Your girlfriend may demand your social networking passwords and you have all the rights to say no. She might feel bad at the moment but this will save you from a later worst situation.

Include Her When You Go Out

Jealousy is almost a synonym to insecurity when it comes to a relationship. It is important to take her out of that state of mind. For this, you can take her to parties along with you and introduce her to all your friends to make her feel that she owes importance in your life.

You can tell your friends about your girlfriend’s achievements which will make her feel special, diminishing all the reasons for her feeling jealous.

It’s Not Made In One Day

You might think of a particular reason or a person who may be the cause of this jealousy but you never know that the reason was piling up. At times people do not react or emote of what they feel, in this case, the reason keeps on piling up until it falls at once. You need to ask her clearly and read her mind to figure out the real reason behind her jealousy.

You just can’t always feel trampled to handle her jealousy. “Proof of love” is never the solution. This will just stretch the relationship along with all the stress and you will have to suffer a lot in it. Love doesn’t say that your world must revolve around a single person, you need to give priority to everyone who is a part of your life.

You can’t leave your other relationships just to prove your love on one. Sending locations, screenshots, or sharing passwords can never help you get over this. The need is to find the root cause and then work on it. This will help build a strong as well as a healthy relationship.