When Your Boyfriend Feels Jealous

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When Your Boyfriend Feels Jealous

Jealousy can hold two different philosophies when it comes to relationships. This can either be positive or negative. If jealousy grows extensively in a relationship, then it becomes toxic. Jealousy could mask as obsession and hurt any of the two partners in a relationship.

Normally jealousy is possessed by a female partner in any relationship which is quite an in nature. But if a man gets jealous in a relationship, it can shape it in a negative way. If your boyfriend is overly-jealous then obsession and possessiveness could be quite strong. This could turn him having a dominating and controlling nature. You may feel trapped in a relationship with him at times, but your love for them just stop you from breaking up.

Quite A Healthy One

It might be possible that your boyfriend is not just one of the over-possessive ones but feel jealous at times. The most probable reason could be the guys that approach you or find you beautiful. You can easily handle this by just paying a little more attention to him.

Healthy jealousy is not harmful to any relationship, in fact, It helps the couple build a cuter connection with one another. But what if this jealousy is quite extensive and you are unable to understand where the relationship is going. You feel trapped and suffocated with the relationship, but you just can’t escape.

There are some obvious signs that you are boyfriend is just not jealous of a usual but he is one of those over-possessive ones who think that he owns you. Such a relationship could turn worse if not controlled and by this, the girl may suffer a lot both mentally as well as physically.

You Can’t Have Other Male Friends

Your personal space and the choice of your friends is not what he has the right to choose for you. Just because he is your boyfriend doesn’t mean that he has the right to control your life. The torture reaches a stage where you feel guilty of having a male friend in your life as he is always telling you that you have been cheating if you are in contact with any of your male friends.

What You Wear Is Always His Choice

This may be possible that your boyfriend was quite open with what you wear and your physical appearance. But just when he grew overly-jealousy, he will stop you from wearing short and revealing dresses in front of other men or in public. What you wear must be your choice always. Your clothes have nothing to do with trust and insecurities in a relationship.

You Can’t Praise Any Other Men

He may not react instantly but he feels furious when you compliment other men. This doesn’t mean that you like other men but he may always take it that way. This is somewhat a question on your dignity and faith in a relationship. Jealousy in any relationship should not crossbars.

His Eyes Are Always On You

Noticing your partner when in love is quite normal. But keeping an eye on everything that you do is quite not. If your boyfriend is one of those possessive ones then you may notice that he stares at you constantly in outdoor meetings.

This is something that can make you feel uncomfortable as he always wants to keep a check on your activities, people you meet, and your gestures.

If You Are Online, You Are Cheating

“Why are you active? Whom are you talking to?” this is something that will irritate you if you are someone very loyal. If a fit of jealousy is growing, it can be unhealthy for the relationship as it may shape into various doubts. He may constantly check your social networking activities and questions you for whatever you do. This should not be acceptable.

You are not bounded in any relationship. The relationship can never be a success if you are not happy in it. Never let jealousy conquer love in your relationship.