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10 Reasons why cat ladies can be a perfect girlfriend


Top 10 Reasons why You Should Date a Crazy Cat Lady
Cats are so cute that they can literally manipulate people around them. Once you get attached to cats, you will feel powerless against them. They stay in your heart forever, and so do the cat ladies. Cat ladies are different from other women, if your girlfriend is a cat lover, then do anything to keep her! Here are some reasons why a cat lady proves out to be the best girlfriend. Cat lady personality are unique that’s why dating a cat person is surprising and difficult, dating a cat lady or having a girlfriend who loves cat more than me is a cat lady definition.


They are kind hearted

Whenever a woman adopts cats, she takes care of them, pampers them, and love them like crazy. Cat ladies have so much love to spread around. They will always care about you, which will make you fall for her more.


Commitment is not a big thing for them

If you want a girl who is not afraid of commitment and long term relationship, then a cat lover is just what you really need. A cat lady is already committed to her cat for a lifetime and knows how happy their cat can make them. Cat ladies know the value of relationship and are not scared of settling down.

Reading body language is easier for them

People who have cats as pet know the art of finding the meaning from the hints from body language. By the moments and tail twitch, they know what their cat wants to say. If you date a cat lady, you will never have to over explain what you want to say. By your body language, she will easily find out what you want.

Cat ladies are deeply thoughtful

Cat ladies not only read body language easily, but they are also expert in understanding the nonverbal communications. They can understand what your eyes want to say, or how you want to cuddle by your sleeping position. Cat ladies are deep thinkers, so don’t worry if you are hesitating in saying something, they will understand what you want to say without having you to speak.

They are really good at listening and communicating

Cat ladies talk to their cats most of the time. Cats may not speak but these ladies always listen to what their cat wants to say by their meows. This improves their listening and communicating skills which comes out to be useful in a relationship. As they are good in communicating, solving issues will become easier.

They are happy most of the time

Science has proved that people who have pet battles with depression easily as compared to those who don’t have a pet. Pet keeps stress away and makes the person happier. Hence a cat lady will make you happy and will also be able to provide social and emotional support. Who doesn’t want to date a person who is happy and can keep others happy?

They won’t run during hard times

Taking care of a cat isn’t easy. They can keep their owner awake all night just to pet them, mess up the whole room, sneeze on their face. The cat owner has to even handle their mood swings. So if you are in a relationship with a cat lady and your relationship is having some difficult time, then instead of running away she will face it and try to solve the problems.

You can steal their food!

A cat lady won’t mind if you steal her food. A cat lady doesn’t hesitate in feeding her cat food from her plate. Whether it is odd stray prawn or titbits of salmon, she will share her food without thinking twice. So if you are a foodie then this is one of the best things for you.

Cat ladies don’t care about what others will think

A research found that people who own a cat are less conformist than people who own a dog. Cat ladies don’t give a damn about what people think about their lifestyle and clothing sense. Whether it’s a leopard print coat or red stilettos, they always look pretty. Cat ladies are fun to hang around with, instead of just caring about what people will think she will give all her attention to you.

You will get your own space whenever you want

With cats, the upside of independence comes in. cat lovers know that sometimes cats need their own space. Same goes with humans, people need their own space. If you love a cat lady then she will give you your space without getting angry and won’t take it personally when you spend some time alone.

Cat lovers are usually very patient and intelligent. They have great ability to solve mysteries, are strategic thinkers and know how to handle tough situations. Cat ladies have a lot of affection and love to give, they care about you. With a cat lady, you will find that you are more relaxed and less stressful. All you need to do is love her and her cat. All these qualities of cat ladies make them perfect girlfriends. There is nothing better than having a happy and supporting girlfriend, so keep you cat lady and never let her go.