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Is the Age Just the Numbers When It Comes To Dating?

Most men are naturally attracted to younger women for physical, social, and financial reasons. They consider this association as an old-age security perspective

People often think of unspoken acceptable age-gap rules while dating. However, the rules are made to be broken and for the people in love it’s easier to do it. The thought of dating with someone much younger or much older takes the back seat, once the dating partners start liking each other. In fact, love hardly sees any reasoning behind the society norms.


However, there always will be some questions regarding age-gap rules, integrity, and intentions. But dating partners should only focus on finding the mutual compatibility.  Despite all the prevailing situations, the significant question still needs a reasonable answer, is the Age Just the Numbers When It Comes to Dating?

Dating Age-Gap Basics

There are different views when you put your question mark on the age-gap of two individuals.  According to some experts, there is the rule of ‘Rule of Seven’ followed universally. The rule of seven says that the ideal age of the younger female dating partner, should be half the older partner’s age plus seven. That means if you are 30 years old you should date a person who is 22 (15+7). The rule dates back to 1901, it is widely cited but its origin and relevance in current scenario is hard to establish.

Social compulsions

Most couples do not care much about the age gap, when they develop a liking for each other during dating. However, the big age difference between man & woman is the hot topic of discussion in the families in every eastern or western society. Normally, there is a distinct disapproval from family, friends, community, and from all the quarters dearer to them.

When man is much older than woman?

Most men are naturally attracted to younger women for physical, social, and financial reasons. They consider this association as an old-age security perspective, as much elder men might grow older faster than the younger women. Men also think that younger women might look up to them for advice for their better experience in life. This is all fine, when their love develops naturally, not when specifically planned for vested and selfish reasons.

Other factors like maturity can also be considered for the dating age. Human brains develop till the age of 25 and if woman you are dating is 22, it is very likely that in next few years her views towards life most likely will change. Then she may react differently to a similar situation when at 25 or more. This universal truth should also be understood and accepted. As, much younger woman can pose some challenges too.

When woman is older than man?

A man should have open mind when the woman in his life is older by a decade or so. There are many benefits when a woman has more years behind her than man and a good head start in life. Their compatibility in general life would be upgraded for her better experience and also for better financial support that she could offer. As a thumb rule, women live 5 years longer than the men, in other words, when in their eighties, there would be four widows to one widower. So, more for biological reasons marrying older woman is a better move to have longer mutual company.


Realistic approach wins your decision, no matter whether you and your dating partner have considerable age differences. Look whether your love interest ticks most of the boxes of your requirements or not. For assurance, you can find many couples around you, including celebrities, enjoying beautiful relationships despite their huge age difference.