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9 Tips For Creating Short Impressive Dating Profiles!

The internet can hence be used to find the special someone in life. The world of online dating can nevertheless be daunting if one has no prior experience in the same.

Creating dating profiles is essentially a scary business. It is difficult to express yourself in entirety while still sounding true. One also risks sounding desperate.


But it is a fact that one in every three couples nowadays finds love online. The world today is fast-paced and dependent upon the social media. The internet does a whole lot of stuff for us. It lets us be in touch with old, school-time friends. One also does a whole lot of career networking over the internet. If one needs to find a person to do an odd job such as cat-sitting for the weekend, the internet comes to our resources.

The internet can hence be used to find the special someone in life. The world of online dating can nevertheless be daunting if one has no prior experience in the same. Getting started is sure to be helpful.

Here are 9 tips to make an online dating profile that attracts the best of partners:

1. Get Your Friend’s Help

Ask a friend of yours’ to write the online dating profile for you. They may know you even better than you know yourself.

2. Take A Look At Other Profiles

It may be difficult to find inspiration to write dating profiles over the internet. The right way to go about is spending some time looking at other profiles. When you go through other peoples’ profiles, you’ll get a fair idea about what you must write or add in your own profile.

3. Yourself In Action

It is then a fine idea to post some shots of you in action, playing the guitar or the violin. It is okay to post such images or videos, even if your face isn’t clear in them.

4. Be Positive

Do not let negative thoughts find their way to your online dating profile. Always be very positive. Your profile is your CV for dating. There is no reason why you would want a partner to read negative stuff over your profile.

5. Be Very Honest

Honesty is the best policy. You should be truthful about yourself over your online dating profile. If the person in the profile picture is smiling, people show a higher degree of inclination in chatting with him or her.

6. Express In Detail

Let your online profile come by as a true expression of yourself. If you like extreme sports, you should also express which is your favorite team and why. It makes you come across as a very real person to someone who would read your profile.

7. Update Your Profile Regularly

One must always keep one’s online dating profile up to date. Renew you profile frequently and edit it with relevant information about you. Choose profile photographs in which you are in the focus areas of the image.

8. Post Only Recent Images For Your Profile Picture

If your images are over a year old, do not use them for your online dating profile picture. Instead, use newly clicked images for the profile picture. People often complain that the people post images which are not a true reflection of what they look like. So one must post a picture which shows what you presently look like. It is best to click a picture and then post it.

One must have a number of photographs over his profile for an online dating portal. It gets one more attention. The face must have a higher degree of visibility at least in a couple of shots. Click them without your sunglasses. Then, it is best to post a full length photograph as well. The people who interact online would then not end up being surprised.

9. Let Humor Creep In

In your profile text, show your sense of humor. It will attract more people towards your profile. Making people laugh is the best way to start a conversation.