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Makeup Advice to create best profile pic


Make up tips for your profile picture : A profile picture is one window that shows how a person is. In a dating site, the profiles picture is everything to attract others. There are many ways in which a profile picture went wrong. There is no one who is stopping to use a small make-up. The profile picture is going to be seen various individuals around the world.


Here are easy make-up tips to follow for a profile picture

1. Clean the face:

This is the first concept before going to apply any make-up. Use a good scrubber or face cleaner to clean working through the face and neck area. This will help to remove all the dirt and impurities and leaves the face to get its natural beauty. A clean face helps create more diminishing changes on the face for a perfect picture. Use cold water to clean the face and it surely makes the skin to feel fresh.

2. Applying foundation:

Foundations comes in different shades and color. Use the foundation that suits the color of skin and reveals it more. Only apply a thin layer of foundation over the skin using light fingers only. Slowly move the fingers in circular motion and work on it. Sit in front of the mirror and work it out. It does not take much time but work it slowly and steadily.

3. Speak from Eyes:

Eyes are one of the best features of any face. Deepening the eyelashes it not enough. Uses a pencil color to darken the eye brows and don’t overdo it. Eyes are one of the appealing factors and it should not be left aside just like that. Even if wearing spectacles the shades of the eyes speak for it. Outline the eyelashes and deepen the eye brows to make the eyes more appealing.

4. Ravishing Lips:

Lips are the second thing that anyone would be looking at a picture. There are chances that a person will zoom and check the picture. Do not use a sparkling lipstick to give it an extra glow. Outlining the lips gives a sharpness look to the lips. Use a contrasting outliner with a matching lipstick. This will make the lips to have an outstanding reach out for increasing the features.

5. Highlight the features:

Many of us do not know but there are various features on the face like chin, cheeks forehead and various others. These features make the face to have more incented look. Use a brush to highlight the features and be gentle while working on it. Do not move the brush vigorously increasing the layout of highlighted features. Move the brush lightly and gently over to get a touching look.

6. Freshen up the face:

The real makeup of the skin comes out from inside. The best makeup is to feel happy from inside, think of happy thoughts and smile. This helps the face to have a refreshing look and any camera loves it. Instead of giving a fake smile a real pretty smile will be there. Even without using any makeup a nice smile is better than anything else.

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