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Five Bad Habits to leave before Dating


Five things to leave this Lent Season for online dating – Bad habits are the ones which had to keep aside to living a good and healthy life. For singles, bad habits are those which are keeping them away from finding a new person. Being a single means that you are not committed to anyone. Still having things that are taking you one step back then you are already having many bad things in your pockets. This seasonal year of Lent take out those bad habits and make a fresh new start. These are the major bad habits that you have to remove from your life.


Stop finding “My type of person”:

There is a thought that works with most of the people and it is odds attract each other. Stop being picky and start having a good time with the person who is a bit different from you. Everyone is not 100 percent and it will be hard to become 100 percent even for you. The only thing that matters are that are you going to give you full to the next person you will be meeting.


Neglecting the “First Move” factor:

For singles, it is hard to move first and begin a nice friendly conversation. Well, stop pretending that someone will come forward and ask you out. Even if you are neglected by another person then also you are gaining. You are gaining the fact of different ways in which how not to approach a person. You are creating a boost of confidence and this will sure come handy in the coming time.

Thing more about your “EX”:

One of the idiotic things one person does is to spend time thinking about their EX. That page of the book is already gone and you had already thought enough about that person. If they want to come back then they will but if had been more than the wait then you are having nothing. There are others outside with whom you can spend a quality of time. You keep on calling and texting them in hope that they will give a reply. Stop doing it and have some time to get over it.

Not looking forward to “Online Dating”:

If you are thinking that online dating is not real then think about it one more time. Like you there are others too who are looking for the right person. If that person is not in your local area then online dating sites will definitely help you to find one. Even the matrimonial sites are doing a great job in finding a perfect partner.

Remove the word “Negativity”:

Every person has a negative side and when this side increases then you are having problems. Keep things simple and become positive with hoping for the best. There are tons of people who end up in a breakup because they do not understand each other. If is not always true that you are right and also the other person is wrong. Keep things simple as it can be and become more positive in life.

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