Cute Ways to Tell Someone You Love Them

Love, Romantic Texts

Expressing your feelings is the most important thing when you fall in love. A lot of people feel shy to confess about their love and end up losing them. Sometimes the question that becomes a reason behind this could be “What will she think about me?” or “What if I end up losing my friendship with him? “.

This “what if” dilemma can never end up giving birth to millions of reasons for taking aback. Most of the time your closeness determines the probability if the answer would turn out to be a yes or no. But if the friendship between you and the one you love is quite strong then it would never end up even after they know about your true feelings. They need it to take an initiative at least so that you don’t regret not taking it later when you see them with someone else.

Your Body Language

Your body language tells a lot about your feelings that you hold for a person. If you point your legs towards the person or your body lean in their direction, then they can figure out you love them. Touching your hair and face while you talk to them with a smile that blushes your face is the best expression of love. This is something which is quite noticeable with them understanding clearly that there is something cooking up.

The Soft Touch

Touching them on arms and hands while talking is a clear indication that you have some feelings for them. But one thing you need to keep in mind is the other person is comfortable with it. This could also be a game-breaker as this could spoil your image in their mind if they don’t like it.

Gestures of a person towards you reveal a lot about their comfort zone with you. The touch needs to be soft and feel pure to the other person. Touch is the best way to determine what you feel for them.

Laughing At All Their Jokes

If you find them funny then make them feel that. This will make them understand that you like spending time with them. This doesn’t mean that you have to burst into laughter every time and fake it. You need to keep it very real and unsuspected that you are doing it intentionally.

The Deep Eye Contact

A strong eye contact fixes the story. Eye contact develops love chemistry between two people. While walking in a party you can make eye contact with them, telling them that they look beautiful with a smile on your face. If you notice them all the while and this doesn’t offend them then the fire is equal on both sides.

Efforts Count A Lot

It is not always the words that tell them that you love them but the effort tells a lot about your feelings. Little things that you do can create a lot of difference. You can make possible efforts to make their day special and create a smile on their face. This could be a message every morning to tell them that they own a beautiful soul.

You can motivate them by counting their strengths and making them understand that they are important to you. A message that says “You are the most beautiful soul that I have come across.” would cost nothing to you but will make their day in the best possible way.

Showing Them That You Care For Them

Care is an expression that follows love. It might be difficult to express love at once but care doesn’t demand much. If you care for them and they know it. They will also understand that you love them. Call them when they are in public transport and ask if they reached safely.

Love is beautiful and expressing it is even more. The worst could be a “no” which comes with acceptance but you never know if it turns to a “yes” and can make your life.