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Planking and Its Perks to look Smarter!


Planking and Its Perks! The newest form of exercise which is becoming exceptionally popular is “Planking”. Simply meaning a posture where you rest your body weight on the shoulders and angle your legs in a slant formation, planning is the most popular exercise of our times. And why not, it’s a one simple exercise which can cause multiple health benefits and that too in a very little span of time.
The best part about planking is that it is a very convenient easy to do at home exercise which does not need a lot of supervision and time. Planking can be done in various forms and postures. The best part about the basic plank posture is that it helps in building core strength as well as the other body strength mechanisms all at once. Metabolism is increased and it is one of the best go to exercise forms for weight loss. Planking involves tremendous usage of energy and hits multiple muscles at one time. The various benefits and advantages of this exercise can be as described in this article.


1. Core strength building:

The plank exercise directly puts a pressure on abdomen, chest, thigh and shoulders, thus causing a strength building action at multiple muscle points. The plank is one of the best forms of postures for overall strength. Combined with certain variants and other exercises, it gives fast results.


2. Calorie Burning for Weight Loss:

In almost all the weight loss exercise routines and regimes, plank will form a special place. This exercise is one of the easiest and best ones for quick weight decrease. If you want quick results, resort to planking. A few minutes a day, if followed religiously, will lead to a very rapid weight loss.

3. Increase in the Metabolism:

Another advantage of planking is an increased metabolism, which will eventually assist even more in weight loss and overall physical health restoration. An active metabolism will lead to a healthier life.

4. Better Posture, Flexibility and Balance:

Planking improves posture as the body can balance itself in a better way. Planking adds agility to the body and makes it pro-active and balanced.

5. Convenient and Easy to do:

Planking does not need excessive need of someone overlooking the exercise posture. It can be very easily done, and does not need any outside equipment for effective fat burning. There is no complication involved in the posture.

6. Time Saving:

Planking does not require strenuous amount of time to be spent. Rather, it cannot be done for more than a few minutes every day unless practiced well! Hence it is a very simplistic muscle writhing exercise which will give you effective results with an investment of very less time.

7. Better Mental Health:

Exercise, of any form, brings with it some kind of stability and peace of mind and planking is no exception.
As we see, planking is increasingly being adopted, and for a reason. There is just one ground rule to stick to: If it does not pain a lot, and if it is not difficult to hold, then you are not doing it right!

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