Every guy needs a good girl to carry on a successful relationship as good girl provides love, care, understanding, happiness, and feeling of comfort; in short, makes life heavenly. These girls are the best partners of a long-term relationship but men always fantasize about bad girls and there always remains a secret admiration for bad girls as they are unpredictable, frustrating, have anger tantrums and are source of constant issues but still are entertaining and have that crazy X-factor about them.

Every girl has both personality traits of a good and a bad girl. She can sometimes be gentle, responsible, soothing whereas on the other hand can be humorous, adventurous, extremely independent and confident too!! Men don’t want bad girls but they desire some bad traits in good girls. The following ‘bad’ traits make men attracted to bad girls:-


Men like women who are independent, work by themselves and can take care of themselves by leading her life on her own. She should be capable enough to take her own decisions.

Confident and Fearless

Confidence is a major key for admiration. Confident women are happy and get what they deserve. Men love women who are fearless and not resistant to face society. Bad girls are determined and motivated to achieve their goals and dreams.

Spontaneous and Straightforward

Bad girls are direct. If the guy is wrong, she will convey it to him right on his face instead of soothing his guilt. She lives by her choices and her rules without under any pressures. She makes the man know his mistakes and the facts. She’s spontaneous about her plans and makes an enjoyable company to be with.

Adventurous and Bold

Bad girls are bold and unconventional. They do things differently and not common for society. She’s adventurous and tries for everything new at least once in her life. These girls bring excitement and make every day fresh, vibrant and lively with not similar daily routine of life.

Seductive and Flirtatious

Bad girls are fun, exciting and sexy talkers who can just impress guys by their conversations. They are irresistible and could not be ignored. They are seductive and naughty on bed where they initiate romance themselves and believe in new sexual adventures and experiments.

Sexy and Stylish

Bad girls are not only attractive by their personality but also have sexy appearance with perfect attire and accompanied accessories. They are stylish and are always awed by men.


Men love to be under the control of women in some cases and love to see her dominating and put her choices over him.

Refusal trait and Real world liver

Bad girls are tough. They know to handle worst situations of life and are always in action to improve situations without any help from men. She takes decisions on her own and sticks to them. She takes stand when she does not want to do something or agrees on something. She never compromises on things and has trait to refuse on things.

With some bad traits adapted with good personality traits without being selfish and moody, men always remain impressed and happy being in relationship.

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