12 Tips for Men to Impress girl on First Date to Get the Second One

12 Charming Ways to Impress Her on First Date to Get the Second One, The first date always gives a weird and exciting feeling to the person. Where should I take her? What should I wear? Will she like me and other plenty of questions run in your mind. Most of the time guy try hard to impress the girl and repeat the same mistakes, which makes them look like a pervert.

Want to get a second date? But for that, you have to master the first date. Impress the girl on the first date isn’t as difficult as it sounds like. Here are some which you need to follow and you will definitely nail our first date with her.

Be mentally prepared

Preparing yourself mentally before going on your date is very important. This won’t make the situation awkward when you will be sitting with her. For this, imagine that you are already with her on the date, vividly imagine the environment, all the setting, the conversation. Prepare some topics about which you will talk with her, think about things which you will say and which will make her smile and fall for you.

Remember some stories

If it’s a blind date and you are meeting her for the first time then mark this point. On first meet people usually remember the stories and not the person. It defines the morals, values, and personality of the person. Think about some of your good past experience, tell her about your difficult time and how you overcame it. Sharing some of your stories will help both of you to open up and this will also make the conversation deep and smooth.

Take care of your looks

When it comes to the date, it’s very important to dress properly. The first impression is the last impression, if she finds you smart at the first look then there are chances that she will be interested till the end. Look decent and smart, spend some money on your looks. Work on grooming, have a good haircut and dress well. But this doesn’t mean you will leave the basic, shower properly, use alluring cologne. If it’s a night date then try to wear some formal clothes, else go for a loafer, dark jeans, and a blazer.

Be on time!

This is one of the mistakes most the guys make. Making a girl wait on the first date is a big turn off! It shows that you are not responsible and you don’t value her time. Be on time, reach before her and if there comes any emergency then inform her before the date and shift the time a bit. But don’t make her wait at any cost.

Don’t be a chatter box

If women don’t want to see you after the first date then talking too much maybe be a reason. If you talk too much on the first date, then there are chances that you will say something that she won’t like or that will hurt her. If this happens then everything finishes there only. No matter how good you look or how good the environment be, that thing will be in her mind until the end of the date. Your one bad sentence might spoil the whole two- three hours of conversation. According to dating expert, on the first date, you just need to be quiet and listen. Let her do most of the talking, listening doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak at all, speak, but not in excess. The other plus point of speaking less is that she will be more comfortable with you. Women are expert in talking, the more you will let her talk, the more will be the chances of her liking you.

Speak less, but don’t be a statue

Speaking less does not mean that you won’t speak at all. If you remain quiet all the time then she will find you boring or emotionally closed. She will think that you aren’t interested in her and that is why you are not talking. Even if you are a shy guy just try to speak in front of her. To make the date more memorable go for emotional conversations. Making someone emotionally attached increases the chances of liking you. Talk about her childhood, her likes, dislikes, what excites her or what she is afraid of. If you find the flow in conversation then don’t stop it, ask some deeper questions.

Don’t act like a pervert!

If you are touching her a lot on the first date just to show that you are interested in her, then you are putting an opposite impact on her. Touching too much shows that you are just lusting over her and you do this on every first date. Touch should be friendly and natural, not sexual. You can hold her hands while walking or while helping her to get out of your car. But don’t put your hand on her waist all the time or your arms around her neck. Keep distance and behave properly.

Don’t be poor on the first date.

If you don’t have money then start saving some money for your date. Being cheap and being frugal are two entirely different things. Don’t show her that you are running out of money all the time. According to dating expert, for women, if you are cheap with money, then you are most probably cheap in bed and with emotions as well. Look for the hotel which you can afford, else go somewhere else.

Control your liquor

If you get drunk on the first date then you will surely end up looking like a fool in front of her. Yes, it’s true that guys drink when they are nervous, but control this. Drink as much as you can handle. For this, alternate alcohol with water or mocktail, go for drinks which you can easily handle or which won’t make you high.

Don’t kiss her

Yes, you read it right. Avoid kissing her on the first date. If you kiss her then this will end the sexual tension between both of you. Touch her, talk about sex, have arousing vibes, but don’t kiss her. Trust me, she will be more attracted to you sexually if you kiss her on the second or third date. This shows that you have control over yourself.

Treat her like a gentleman do!

Modern women don’t like being taken care of like a baby, but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to treat her properly. Don’t forget your manners, don’t slam the door on her face. Instead on the door for her, pull the chair for her. This little gestures will attract her towards you and she will think of you to be a good guy. Have proper etiquette. One thing you really need to do is keep your phone aside. Don’t cling to your phone all the time when you are with her, keep the phone aside and talk to her.

Take care of her security and text her

Whether you are dropping her home or booking a cab for her, always take care that she reaches home safely after the date. Don’t just enjoy the date and say goodbye to her once the date is over. After the date, text her that you are glad she came with you. Thank her for giving her time to you, tell her how much you enjoyed spending time with her.

Keeping this points in mind while surely impress your date and will increase your chances of getting the second date. Depending on the efforts, the conversation you had, the way you treated her you will get the second date.